Practice with a Pro: Apptio Presentation Workshop (May 11)

Created by Employee on Apr 17, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018 at Webex

Starts at 7:00 AM · Ends at 8:30 AM, PDT (America/Los_Angeles)

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 Practice your Apptio presentations

and get feedback in a safe environment.


Do you have an Apptio presentation coming up, something your TBMO needs to share with stakeholders, data owners, or new users?  The Apptio University pros, who present content every day, are happy to help. Introducing a new series of virtual workshops where you can practice and polish your real-world presentations. Work on everything from content, to flow, to delivery. Practicing with a friendly audience is a great way to guarantee your success. 


You can be in any stage of your presentation development. All you need to bring to a workshop is a description of your audience and what you want them to know. We can help you craft the order of your topics. If you're further along, and have built your presentation, we can help you practice the delivery.


Attend one or several sessions for an opportunity to:

  • Practice with peers
  • Polish your presentations before you deliver them
  • Help fellow Community members 


Our working sessions are open to all Apptio Community members. If you have a presentation topic, please feel free to join.


AAEP holders who would like some presentation pointers first, should take the Effective Presentation class. Then come to these sessions to incorporate what you've learned.


This is also a great option for those preparing for ETBMA 2018 certification, which has a focus on TBMA business skill. 


You will earn 25 community points for attending, and once you present to your peers, you will earn this really awesome badge.  Community points will be awarded along with the badge.



Click the link below to launch the session. 


(Please contact me at if you have problems joining)