Insight Hunting: Part Two with Bill Balnave

Created by Debbie Hagen Employee on May 15, 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at Webex

Starts at 7:00 AM · Ends at 8:00 AM, PDT (America/Los_Angeles)

If you enjoyed the first session in this series, you'll love the next one. I'm really excited to share that in Insight Hunting Part Two, Bill Balnave will take you into the Apptio application to demonstrate how you can use Apptio to identify business insights that are consumable, defensible and most importantly, actionable.  

The session is scheduled for Tuesday, June 13th at 7 am PST, via Webex.


In this session Bill will cover using the Apptio Value Explorer as a tool to enable you to seek out and identify insights using the Out of the Box Cost Transparency reports. He'll also discuss what to do when you can't answer questions with the OOTB reports.  


Go ahead and sign up for the session here on Community.  Like Insight Hunting Part One, this session doesn't require an AAEP (All Access Education Pass), so feel free to share with your Apptio Teammates or stakeholders who may be interested. 


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