My Top Ten List of Community Resources

Document created by jessicablanchard on Oct 9, 2018
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Studio R12 for R11 Experts - Quick Reference Guide by Shannon Wallner is my go-to document when I have questions because I completed the R12 training, but my current project is using R11.


I also use Rhonda Keller’s document: Great Resources for Upgrading to R12 for reference when I come across differences in R11 from R12 environments.


How different allocations can affect the numbers in your Models and Reports document by Debbie Hagen was very helpful when I completed the Backpack courses in the training environment. Having this reference and knowledge will continue to help me complete models for my clients.


I am familiar with functions from Excel and other coding languages, but every program has different functions. I reference this document: Functions: Annotated list all the time when I know what I would like the formula to do, but I am unsure of the exact function name.


TBM Studio and Applications R12.5 release notes is a great reference to keep up-to-date on the new features of R12.


TBM Taxonomy Flashcards by Lisa Barbour has been a great tool to get familiar with Taxonomy and learn the terms and definitions. It is a very creative resource that I have bookmarked to reference quickly.


Just like the Taxonomy flashcards, Lisa Barbour has created Apptio Acronyms which is an amazing resource for someone who is just starting to become familiar with Apptio and would like to feel confident when speaking with clients about the Apptio models.


I really like to know how things work, so when I started the Apptio training, I found the document by Jesse Sharp really useful. How Stuff Works: Behind the Scenes in Cost Transparency provides insight into how Apptio works in the background.


I have recently started on an existing project with a model that has already been created, but in the future when I start on a project from the beginning I need to be confident in understanding what data is needed to complete a successful project. This document, "How do I know what data I need?" or Data Advisor 101 by Jenny Goodwin is a great resource.


Michael Moulsdale really helped me understand allocation granularity in TBM Talk Episode 5: Allocation Granularity (Fruit and Veggies version). During my training, I have been also learning about what goes into the Cost Transparency model for IT functions, so this discussion about allocations using a Fruit and Vegetable example greatly improved my understanding.