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For my ETBMAp training, one task is to provide a transcript of an interview that I’ve done with a customer. This task was rather easy in the sense that it has just been a few days since I’ve actually done that. Whilst the customer wishes to be anonymized, the learnings are still helpful.


First, I’ll lay the foundation for the context. We are currently in the middle of implementing Apptio CTF and trying to also sell the Cloud Cost Management module within one of Denmark’s largest financial institutes, which is specializing in mortgages. They really wanted to get a presentation of what we have been able to do so far, and to this, we asked them how they felt that the Apptio-Demo presentation and Cloud Cost Management sales pitch made sense afterwards. Below are the questions and their answers. The answers are from a Director of an IT department. I’ve only picked some of the questions, where the Director provided us with meaningful answers. The interview was originally in Danish, hence I’ve tried to translate it without eliminating the points. Hope you enjoy!


Please provide us with your thoughts of the presentation of Vendor Management

“I thought that the Vendor Management Tool was very impressive. I mean, I still don’t know how you guys were able to provide me with the level of detail, especially with the data that we gave to you. In relation to the specific presentation, I must say that a demo did the work well. I was nervous that you would you provide me with pictures, and that we had to figure the rest out for our self. So, showing us how to use the tool and how to read the data really was helpful.”


Please provide us with your thoughts of the sales pitch of Cloud Cost Management

“Our cloud cost have been going through the roof for some time now. My team and I were really nervous about how to fix this problem, since it put some serious constraints on our budgets. Even though the pitch solely focused on strategic aspects of how Apptio would enable us to save money, it really did provide me with some degree of feeling more safe. These costs are to be taken serious, you showed me that, and it’s not as difficult as one would think, especially with the auto-mapping function.”


Please provide us with your thoughts of the general functions in Apptio

“There is a lot. A lot. And I’m guessing that you guys only showed us the tip of the iceberg. Nonetheless, the more functions the merrier, but only if we have the capabilities to make them work in our favor. I especially like the dashboard where I’m able to see all of the possibilities on one page.”


Please provide us with your thoughts of the intuitive functioning of Apptio

“Well, there isn’t much to say other than that Apptio is bringing the intuitive functioning to a new level when thinking of how complex the system really is. Maybe I can put it in other words. If it wasn’t intuitive, we wouldn’t be using it.”


Please provide us with one thing that you would like us to make more efficient

“Well, if I should mention one thing in particular, it would be the general design. It’s Apptio related, which is fine. But I would appreciate a design that matched our fonts, colors, and logo’s, well our design basically. But that’s a minor issue that doesn’t cause much stress for me.”

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