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I think that we can all agree that the TBM Community functions as a teaching support through the frustrating times (both in training and in practice) when do not know the answer our self. Here’s my Top 10 List of Community Resources that I have utilized the most and that have been most helpful to me – hopefully, these links will provide you with as much you as they did to me! And in the word of @Amanda Deschenes: “It's so easy to fall down the rabbit hole when it comes to surfing the Community... but when you finally crawl out of that hole, you crawl out a little smarter than when you first fell in”.


Functions is the perhaps THE page that I use the most here on TBM. When in doubt of how to crack the code in Apptio, this page time after time proves how there is usually a function that solves my headache.  Link:


TBM Studio R12 Knowledge Base is THE page to get the latest news in the Apptio Community. This ranges from all to TBM Studio Essentials to Training and Certification and to Dato and Model Studio information, etc. Link:

Documenting Your Model is a piece of art from Jenny Franklin that provides you with a template to document your model allocations, object details, and so on - basically, it contains everything you need! Link:


Report Navigation by Susmitha morisetti really does explains in great details (pictures, I really like pictures) how to customize your reports. Link:


TBM Taxonomy Flashcards is a recognized post at TBM Connect, and surely Lisa Barbour provided a great tool to help anyone who needs a taxonomy refresher or to help inform the clients about the impact of the taxonomy. Link:


Operational Runbook Template will indeed be of extremely value when it comes to deliver one of your very first projects to a customer. An operational runbook tells the customer how to utilize the piece of data-art that you have made, and instead of you having to invent a structured way of describing this yourself, Amy Westlake has provided you with the template. Link:


"Revert Changes" Exercise in RTBMA Backpack is a bloq from John Mattingly that very well fits one of my own problems in my training - specifically the impact of using the 'Revert Changes' function without knowledge of how it functions. Read it, understand its impact, and then use the function! Link:


Frontdoor (Admin Console) Essentials Training is the document for your if you're not yet fully sure of how to use and navigate in Frontdoor (which you will be using a lot in the future). Link:


Data Quality Reports will definitely come in handy at some point - I mean, data is the foundation of what Apptio is all about, so the quality of it is highly important. Do yourself a favor and get familiar with the four topics in this document. Link:


Hub: Apptio Cloud Cost Management, and finally, since my very first projectis about utilizing the Public Cloud module in Apptio, I would very much like to share with you a helpful page for those who would like to get their hands dirty with the rising importance of managing public cloud costs! Link:


That was all from me - hope you like it and will give it a like if you find it useful!











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