Challenge 4: Report individual cost model allocation lines [+]

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Can you believe we've already had one, two, three challenges in our 6 part series? You can start playing any time. If you get this one right, you'll earn 30pts and a TBM Pursuit game piece. There was a little drama around challenge 3. Let's see how #4 unfolds.

Question Closes Aug 31

Christopher Davidson says...


In my cost transparency project, I built a Cost model with about 20 model objects.


Here's an excerpt from the model--just the Applications object and its adjacent downstream neighbor objects:


I know how to build a report table which shows Cost per application.


I also know how to lock a report table to two (or even three) model objects, so for example my report could show all servers associated with a particular application (and show each server's estimated cost to support just that application).


But what I'm hoping to build now is a table showing per-application cost for each of the six inbound allocations shown above.

Here's a mockup of what I'd like to create:


...and if I can get that far, then I'd also like to try to convert the table into a chart. Another mockup below:


Is there any way to build this table and chart in Apptio? If so, how?

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