My Top 10 List of Community Resources from May-July 2018

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It's so easy to fall down the rabbit hole when it comes to surfing the Community... but when you finally crawl out of that hole, you crawl out a little smarter than when you first fell in .  Here's a few links to some interesting reads/watches that I came across on my most recent Community voyage:


TBM Taxonomy Flashcards! - How cool are these! Test your knowledge of the TBM Taxonomy with these nifty virtual flashcards! Quiz your friends in your TBMO and see who reigns supreme!


How Stuff Works – Behind the Scenes in Cost Transparency - If you’re like me, you’re always wondering how the software you’re using works (that curiosity got me my first IT job as a QA Tester!). Jesse Sharp  quenches that thirst for knowledge by providing a great list of explanations for all things Apptio. Most notable are “What’s Happening During Calculations?” and “Various: What should I do?”


ETBMA Case Study: Behind the Scenes with Rhonda and Debbie - I’m currently in the middle of obtaining my ETMBAp. Like those taking their ETBMA, a case study is needed to achieve the designation. This post by Rhonda Keller  and Debbie Hagen outlines what they’re looking for in a submission, gives you some helpful tips and tricks, and describes what really happens you hit that dreaded ‘SUBMIT’ button. 


Why I Believe in Shamebacking - This is a really, really, really, ridiculously well-written blog by Jessica Joyce outlining why Shamebacking is a good companion to the Showback model.


The Meaning Behind the Pineapple? - While looking for the ever-elusive pineapple (I’ve found two!) I always wondered, why a pineapple? Megan Beasley explains.


R12 Elite TBMA Practitioner 2018 (ETBMAp) Learning Plan - This is what I'm currently following at the moment to obtain my ETBMAp. 


Sunny Gupta - Keynote - Sunny delivering the keynote speech at the TBM European Summit 2018. He says that technology today is powering every business process in the enterprise-and Sunny talks to what’s on the top of CIO’s minds: cost transparency, multiyear planning, data-driven change, and moving from run to change the business.


Documenting your model

The amazing Jenny Franklin provides a template that documents model allocations, object details and mapping, monthly processes… everything you need to know about your model!


How to view all questions on the InfoHub

As part of the ETBMAp, one activity is to answer open technical questions on the Community. Amy Westlake shows us how to access those questions in this document.


Definition of an Application - Michael Kristensen leads an interesting discussion on the definition of an Application and how those definitions are derived from company to company.

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