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Congratulations on pursuing 2018 Elite TBMA Certification! Here you’ll find all the information you need to complete the final step toward Elite TBMA certification. 

Elite TBMAs, not only understand the technical aspects of Apptio, they understand the strategic objectives of their organization and how their work is contributing to those objectives.


As an ETBMA candidate, demonstrate the business side of your TBMA skill by creating a brief case study and framing that case study in a community blog post. Your case study must use the provided template and share how you have done one of the following as a TBMA:

  • Bridged the gap between business and technical requirements
  • Found opportunities or insights from Apptio
  • Drove business value using Apptio
  • On-boarded new users
  • Effectively communicated with TBM Program stakeholders or TBMO customers
  • Updated the Apptio model and/or allocations to meet a specific business need


Complete a brief case study:

The template attached to this post explains the four components required for your case study and provides a slide for each. Completing the template will not only support your certification but provide another channel for your TBMO to publicize and celebrate it's value. After reading your case study, the following should be clear to the reader:

  • A specific accomplishment you've had as a TBMA, related to one of the topics above
    • You can speak more broadly about an accomplishment for your TBMO, as long as you note your involvement in the activities
  • The activities or steps you and/or your TBMO took that led to the accomplishment
  • The data or metrics that support the accomplishment
  • Any lessons you learned in the process

When you complete the case study, save it as a PDF and attach it to your blog post.


Frame the case study in a blog post:

Create a blog post on community that frames your case study. One or two paragraphs is fine. The post should include an image of your topic slide.



Find the pencil icon in the right tool bar in the header of the page:


  1. Select “Blog Post”.
  2. Create your blog.
    • Before you are ready to publish, use the “Save Draft” option as needed.
  3. Be sure to include an image of your accomplishment slide in the body of your blog and the entire case study as a PDF attachment
  4. In the "Tag this Blog Post" section, Tag your post with the “elite_tbma” tag along with any other appropriate tags such as “adoption” or “socialize”. Tags help refine search results.
  5. @mention as many of your Community colleagues, peers, and Apptians as you’d like. When you @mention them they will get a notification when you publish your post.
  6. Publish your post to your Apptio Community personal blog space. Once published, your blog will be available for all to read, but you have full control over your blog post and can always edit it if you find a mistake.


Obtain 15 likes and submit for Certification

Elite TBMAs possess strong skills in community thought leadership, peer networking, and connections to Apptio. With that in mind, the blog framing your case study must fulfill all the requirements noted above and obtain 15 likes. When you've reached 15 likes, submit your blog to Apptio University by using the correct link below or by accessing the "Case Study" course in your learning path. 


R11 Case Study Submission


R12 Case Study Submission

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