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Thank you all for making the TBM Conference meeting such a success! Below are the notes from the group discussion. Please feel free to add additional notes/feedback in the comments below.



What type of benchmarks do you think will be most important for healthcare IT leaders in 2018?

  • Outcomes
  • Run/Grow/Transform
  • Per member/ Per month
  • Shared Services
  • Shadow IT
  • TCO of IT services, how to benchmark against others. How do we have units of measure and do we benchmark based on revenue?
  • How do we determine the unit of measure that's healthcare specific within different organizations?
  • # of beds, regions
  • How is run vs. grow determined?
  • % of run vs. % of grow
  • Value of EMR system and how to divide between IT & other?
    • e.g. IT costs of EPIC modules - more than software?
  • How do you use TBM to develop healthcare KPIs?
    • What are benchmarks in the industry?
    • How do you translate clinical KPIs to IT?
  • Digital and mobile spend (websites, mobile apps)
    • How mature is healthcare vs. other industries? 
  • Time management by services, skills, etc.
  • IT costs to process a claim --> by groups
  • IT costs to process a service in a hospital --> by groups/regions
  • Granular costs by service level, units, service offerings, device
  • Normalize entity costs
  • Modeling of benchmarks to cost
  • % run the business, grow the business, transform the business -- trending to industry
    • What/How to standardize the benchmarks?



Lessons Learned

What are your top 2-3 lessons learned in implementing or maturing TBM?

  • Partnership w/ IT & Finance enabled ability to move faster
  • Don't try to start with consumption driven allocation. Begin conversations with IT, Finance, Biz sooner.
  • Measure resource consumption
  • Data cleanup
  • Maturity level on benchmarking
  • TBMO 
  • Executive Sponsorship
  • Relationship w/ finance
  • Money talks - letting parts of the business know costs rather than just hours. Quantities is important
  • Establish formal TBM group within org
  • Executive sponsorship - Big impact to business. Need support from pushback
  • Do not believe raw data
  • Partnering with team members means better insights and more credibility 
  • Difficulty in implementing models in different environments.


Future Goals

What healthcare topics are most relevant to you and your organization? How would you like to see the TBM Council Healthcare workgroup cover these subjects?

  • Single source of truth
  • Transparency
  • Implement IT Planning
  • Governance
  • Transparency of costs
  • Time tracking
    • How much detail?
  • Benchmarking
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