Upgrading your RTBMA or ETBMA to 2018

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Apptio Certifications are annually renewable. This means, each year we evaluate the TBM and product enhancements that have occurred and plan the certification upgrade requirements accordingly. 


Following is an explanation of the requirements for upgrading an RTBMA 2017 title or ETBMA 2017 certification to 2018. you can view the upgrade requirements for previous years on this page: Keeping your RTBMA or ETBMA title current.


Note: An AAEP is required for upgrade

The body of work created to prepare individuals to be successful TBMAs along with the examinations that validate knowledge are made possible by and are a benefit exclusively of the AAEP program. An active AAEP is required to upgrade a title or certification.


Upgrading RTBMA 2017 to RTBMA 2018 | Available January 2018

  1. Earn at least 1500 Community points
  2. Submit an Upgrade request through Apptio U


As the Apptio Community grew in 2017, it became obvious that leveraging community resources is a common characteristic of successful TBMAs. The only requirement for upgrading an RTBMA title to 2018, is to demonstrate that you share this characteristic by achieving at least 1,500 community points. To see how to earn community points, reference How Do I Increase My Community Participation Level? 


Once you've reached 1,500 (or if you're an RTBMA who has already earned at least that many) submit your upgrade request in Apptio U after January 1, 2018. Here's how:

  • If you’ve earned your RTBMA 2017 you will see the "Upgrade from RTBMA 2017 to RTBMA 2018" learning plan on your dashboard. 
  • Launch the Upgrade and follow the prompts to upgrade to RTBMA 2018.

Note: If you are an ETBMA with 1,500 community points, there is no need to submit an RTBMA upgrade request, your RTBMA will update automatically by January 5, 2018.


When you are accepted as a 2018 RTBMA, you can download an updated certificate, a 2018 badge will be added to your profile and you will be added to the 2018 RTBMA Wall of Fame.



Upgrading Certified Elite TBMA 2017 to 2018 | Available February 2018

In 2018 there are two ETBMA tracks:

  • ETBMA 2018 R11
  • ETBMA 2018 R12


For Upgrade details view this post: ETBMA 2018 is here! Are you up for the challenge?   


I haven't been an ETBMA for close to a year so I haven't finished my CE Credits but I still want to upgrade my title. Can I?

Yes. The CE requirements are designed to be completed over the course of a year. It is necessary to show CE progress equivalent to the amount of time you've been an ETBMA but not necessary to complete the annual requirements in under a year. 




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