[+] TBMA Challenge: Storage consumption across multiple applications

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Premier CSM Christopher Davidson stumped a lot of community members with his last challenge and now he's at it again. Anyone who can solve his next TBMA Challenge wins the Apptio U Star award (worth 30 points)


We'll follow up November 6 with the answer and badge winner(s). Make sure to get in the game before then by submitting your answer 



In my cost transparency model, I directly allocate Storage cost to my list of Applications:


This is working well. When a storage volume supports more than one application, the volume cost correctly splits across the multiple applications.


But today I stumbled upon something odd (click to enlarge):

This is an application detail report for FTP Client for Windows, showing storage costs contributing to this application's total cost.

The costs are correct. Storage Total Space is correct. But Storage Used Space doesn't look quite right.


I clicked the Tier 1 link in the report to drill down further:


Then I headed over to the IT Ops - Storage Insights report to study this particular storage volume:


I clicked the Supported Apps link in the report table and found:


This makes sense. This storage volume does indeed support two apps: FTP Client for Windows, and Microsoft Office.

So next I analyzed Microsoft Office in its app details report:

Uh-oh. Both Microsoft Office and FTP Client for Windows say they're using 68 GB of storage space on the qlxdgsdw00230ak38.qaeclipsegrp.com storage volume. But actually these two apps are using a combined total of 68 GB, not 68 GB each.


The app detail report table above is locked to two objects (Applications and Storage) but apparently it's just reading in the Storage Master Data.Storage Used Space column as-is, no matter how many apps this storage volume supports.


How can I fix the Storage Used Space information in my reports?


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