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The following text provides suggested wording for justifying the TBM Executive Foundation (a.k.a., Certified TBM Executive) course for those seeking corporate approval to attend and for reimbursement of course fees, travel and other expenses.



I would like to attend the Technology Business Management Executive Foundation certification course on [date] in [location]. I have reviewed the course syllabus and feel the return on the investment would be a major benefit, as the course aligns directly to the priorities of our department, including [insert your priorities here, such as being customer focused, enabling transformation, optimizing costs, shifting resources to innovation, or managing the business of IT well].

This course, provided by the non-profit Technology Business Management Council, is a very good value. During the course, I will receive:


  • Actionable instruction in TBM from experts in the field. TBM Council training is distinctive because it is taught by real-world TBM practitioners and thought leaders.
  • A broadened perspective of TBM, from standards such as the TBM Taxonomy to best practices on organizational change, building a TBM office, establishing a TBM roadmap and more
  • An opportunity for Q&A with a world-class instructors and peers to focus on our most relevant issues
  • The opportunity to get certified by the TBM Council, further demonstrating my knowledge and experience and improving credibility within our own company


I plan to use my non-class time to interact with industry peers and gain additional knowledge on best practices.


When I return to the office, I intend to deliver the following:

  • [actionable outcome for the organization, such as a gap analysis]
  • [personal action plan]
  • A trip report and briefing to the department
  • A plan to transfer knowledge to others on the team


I am seeking approval for the registration fee and travel expenditures. Here is a complete breakdown of the costs:

Airfare:   $ [xxx]
Transportation: $ [xxx]
Hotel: $ [xxx]
Meals & Parking: $ [xx] (lunch is included in the course fee)
Course Fee: $ [xxxx]
TOTAL: $ [xxxx]

For this investment, I will learn, and our team will then apply, lessons that will speed up and improve our adoption of TBM best practices and standards.

You can find the course syllabus
here, highlighting the topics of instruction and other facts about the program. Please accept this proposal to attend. I am confident we will see a significant return for a small investment.

Thank you for your consideration.

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