R11 Recognized TBMA (RTBMA) Learning Plan

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What's Changed? Just a new look, no change to the course requirements. Questions? Email us at university@apptio.com.

This is the Learning Plan for R11 TBMAs working with Cost Transparency. Courses are listed in their recommended order with some guidance on scheduling your classes in your first 90 days working with Apptio. These courses require an All Access Education Pass (AAEP). If you have any questions or would like an AAEP, just let us know.


Enroll: Learn in a virtual classroom with one of our expert instructors and hands-on practice.

Play: Go at your own pace, available 24/7.

Share: These courses are available to your stakeholders from this public and shareable page.


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Course TitleRequired for RTBMA?TypeLengthComplete Right AwayComplete Within 90 DaysComplete!

01. Welcome

Start your Apptio education here.


6 Min


02. Intro to Apptio U

A casual introduction to your All Access Education Pass (AAEP), using Apptio U, and tapping into the resources you need to rock your TBMA career!


1 Hour

Enroll c

03. Introduction to Apptio and TBM

A primer on how Apptio and TBM work together to manage the business of IT.


20 Min




04. Introduction to ATUM

Learn about the Apptio TBM Unified Model (ATUM) and how this standard improves your IT costing.


30 Min




05. Introduction to Finance 

Learn some finance and accounting basics that will help you as an IT professional.


25 Min




06. Introduction to IT Operations 

Learn basic IT operations terminology and concepts that will help you as a Finance professional.

Self-paced20 Min




07. TBM Hallmarks of Success

Learn about the 6 Hallmarks of Success that make our customers wildly successful with their TBM programs.

Self-paced30 Min




08. TBM Success: Roadmap

Learn more about TBM Roadmaps and why a TBM Roadmap is one of the Hallmarks of Success.

Self-paced15 Min



09. TBM Success: Governance

Learn about the Governance Hallmark of Success and how it can accelerate your success with TBM.

Self-paced20 Min



10. CT Reports and Users

Engage in a variety of activities to help you learn how Apptio can support you through a business review. You'll eavesdrop on a Monthly Business Review in session, meet and observe different personas and have opportunities to dig into Apptio reports designed for each of these user types to find and interpret information they need.


1 day, 3 hoursEnrollc

11. Cost Transparency Foundation: Part 1

Implement the finance layer of the Cost Transparency model, including cost source, labor, fixed assets and IT resource towers.


3 days, 3 hours each dayEnrollc

12. Cost Transparency Foundation: Part 2

Learn the processes and best practices associated with environment management, project promotion, user and role management, advanced time settings, the audit log, upgrade compliance,  and allocation strategy improvement.


2 days, 3 hours each dayEnroll once you've completed Pt 1c

13. Reporting: Part 1

Learn how to plan your reports by identifying your target audience, understanding the type of report you want to create and focusing on metrics that matter.


3 days, 3 hours each dayEnrollc

14. Reporting: Part 2

Discover the form your reports should take, how to arrange your reports for easy comprehension, and add various forms of navigation, masters, and other capabilities to engage your audience.


3 days, 1 hour each dayEnroll once you've completed Pt 1c

15. Apptio Studio

Gain knowledge on how to use Apptio Studio to create data sets, models and metrics.


3 days, 1.5 hours each dayEnrollc

16. v12 Awareness

Learn about Apptio's v12 release.

Self-paced1 Hour 15 MinPlayc

17. CTF R11 to v12 Transition Short Course

As an experienced TBMA in v11, gain an overview and hands on practice in the v12 environment.

Instructor-led2.5 HoursEnroll if you've completed CTF Pt 1c

18. CT Apps and Services v11 - Services Reports Overview 

Learn how the Services reports help you prioritize your IT investments and understand the total cost of ownership of your IT services.

Self-paced25 MinPlayc

19. CT Apps and Services v11 - Applications Reports Overview 

Learn to complete a portfolio analysis across your organizations's applications using the Applications reports.

Self-paced30 MinPlayc

20. Product updates on Apptio Community

Stay in the know on product updates in Apptio Community.

Self-paced10 MinPlayc

21. RTBMA R11 Exam

Self-paced, multiple-choice2 attempts with a 2 Hour time limit per attemptc
On to Elite TBMA!


Total Duration

Self-paced training (including optional courses) = 5 hours

Instructor-led training = 51 hours



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