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Update September 14,2017: TBMO Education now available: Head of TBM Office: Executive Training 


If you have an All Access Education Pass you know that we have A LOT of education for TBMAs. We're especially excited about the Elite TBMA online education forum later this year. We’ll be breaking down advanced level concepts and Apptio product developers will be there to talk with the best TBMAs in the industry. If you’re a TBMA, earn your ETBMA before September so you can attend! 


But what education is available if you are the head of a TBM Office?  If you’ve defined your role in your profile, we’ve started serving you specific content in your news feed and there's a lot of great information on community, but we want to take it a step further. We're currently developing an official education program.


The Head of TBM Office: Executive Training Program  will include instructional videos and community exercises to help individuals build the knowledge and skill necessary to successfully lead a TBM Office. This program will be valuable but much less intensive and time consuming than ETBMA certification, therefore no AAEP is required. Head of TBMO education will be available for all community members to access. The program will end with an optional exam and certification. Participants can take the full curriculum, complete the written and exam requirements and become certified or simply view the parts of the program that interest them. 


We’re starting to film the program next month and I’d love to have it ready for you by the end of the summer. Below I've included an outline of the topics we're planning to cover. This is only a draft. Several of our experts still need to weigh in, including you :-) We have so many experts in community,  members who lead successful TBMOs as part of their day job, so I wanted to get your input as well.


Is there anything you would add or change to the outline below? Let me know in the comments.


Beyond that, if you're ready to leave your mark as a successful TBMO Leader and would like to share what you've learned with others, there's definitely an opportunity for you to contribute content or even guest instruct. Reach out to me if you're interested. 


Proposed Curriculum


I. What is a TBMO?
a. Define TBMO
b. Explain the purpose of a TBMO (Charter)
c. Provide typical goals of the TBMO
d. Share TBMO RACI
e. Outline Governance

II. How should a TBMO be staffed?
a. Identify roles and required skills for each
    i. Supporting community content (job description assets)
b. Include real world tips and advice


III. What are the key components of a good change management plan?
a. Risk/resistance mitigation

b. Communication strategy
     i. What, why, how
        I. Apptio Central Web Page
           I. FAQ
          II. Releases/new functionality
          III. Operational schedule
          IV. Q&A
          V. Tips & Tricks
          VI. Success stories
         VII. Enablement content/calendar
        VIII. Sponsor toolkit
         IX. Top reports
          X. Popular links on TBM Connect
c. Enablement/training
   i. Skills & competencies needed by users
   ii. Job aids
   iii. Multiple delivery methods
d. Rewards/recognition
   i. Early adopter incentives
   ii. “You made the change”
   iii. Success stories – ie $$ or % savings, reduction in # of apps, etc
   iv. Apptio’s hero of the quarter
e. Sustainment/operationalization
  i. Operational calendar
  ii. Exception reporting
  iii. Roadmap


IV. What do you need to know during config and deployment?
   i. What is the exit strategy for existing process/tools?


V. What do day-to-day operations look like?
a. What is the support framework?
      i. End-user support
      ii. Service requests
      iii. Data management
      iv. Data process governance


VI.  What does the Head of the TBMO need to know about Apptio functionality?


VII. How do you create a socialization / communication plan for your Apptio rollouts?
a. Typical challenges
      i. What does your audience need to know?
      ii. What is your communication strategy? Which communication channels work best for each audience?
      iii. Does the message need to be a pull or a push?
      iv. Critical messages should be delivered by the authorizing sponsor
b. Communicate the vision, it needs to be stated and restated in different ways multiple times


VIII. Why are action based Reviews important?
a. Just because you build does not guarantee they will come
b. Similar to CRM – there needs to be an event that drives usage


IX. After deployment, how do you keep elevating TBMO?
a. Make socialization ongoing
   i. Success stories – ie $$ or % savings, reduction in # of apps, etc
   ii. New functionality/report updates
b. Continuous improvement
   i. Data quality
c. Set goals
d. Report on results


X. Optional Examination & Certification



This program powered by:

The education developers in Apptio U.

Apptio experts who advise customers on their TBM Programs likeJodi Hunter  Paula Rice and Tim Scammell

Customer Success Manager Mark Clagett 

And you 

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