Apptio University - EDT Course Schedule

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Start Date

End Date


Intro to Apptio U

May 25th

May 25th

11am - 12pm EDT

June 8th

June 8th

10am - 11am EDT





CT Reports and UsersMay 25thMay 25th8am - 11am EDT
May 29thMay 29th8am - 11am EDT
May 31stMay 31st8pm - 11pm EDT
June 1stJune 1st11am - 2pm EDT
June 4thJune 4th3am - 6am EDT
June 4thJune 4th11am - 2pm EDT
CT Foundation: Part 1 (R11)June 4thJune 12th1pm - 4pm EDT
Apptio Studio (R11)May 29thMay 31st10am - 11:30am EDT
Reporting: Part 1 (R11)---
Reporting: Part 2 (R11)---
Introduction to CT on R12May 22ndMay 22nd8am - 9:30am EDT
May 22ndMay 22nd1pm - 2:30pm EDT
May 23rdMay 23rd10am - 11:30am EDT
May 24thMay 24th3am - 6am EDT
May 24th May 24th1pm - 2:30pm EDT
May 29thMay 29th8am - 9:30am EDT
May 30th May 30th1pm - 2:20pm EDT
May 31stMay 31st8am - 9:30am EDT
June 1stJune 1st

3am - 4:30am EDT

June 1st June 1st

11am - 12:30pm EDT

June 4thJune 4th

8am - 9:30am EDT

June 4thJune 4th

4pm - 5:30pm EDT

June 5thJune 5th

8am - 9:30am EDT

June 6thJune 6th

10am - 11:30am EDT

June 8thJune 8th

8am - 9:30am EDT

Data, Model and Report Validation in R12May 23rdMay 23rd1pm - 4pm EDT
May 29th May 29th3am - 6am EDT
May 29thMay 29th1pm - 4pm EDT
June 8thJune 8th3am - 6am EDT
June 8thJune 8th2pm - 5pm EDT
Lab Assist
Creating Reports to Defend Your Numbers R12May 21stMay 21st1pm - 4pm EDT
May 23rd May 23rd3am - 6am EDT
May 31stMay 31st3am - 6am EDT
May 31stMay 31st1pm - 4pm EDT
June 5thJune 5th1pm - 4pm EDT
June 6thJune 6th3am - 6am EDT
Effective PresentationsJune 11thJune 12th10am - 12pm EDT
Troubleshooting in Apptio (R11)---
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