Obtaining Verification of Experience and Education (It's Simple!)

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As stated in the syllabus for the TBM Executive Foundation Certificate, candidates for certification are required to verify they meet the education and experience requirements set forth by the TBM Council. These requirements are not intended to be onerous; when combined with the certification training and testing, they help ensure candidates have the prerequisite knowledge and history needed to initiate and manage an effective TBM program.


The process for verifying these prerequisites is simple: ask a current or former supervisor (with direct knowledge of your work history) to send an electronic (email) referral letter per the instructions below. Candidates should have taken the class and passed the certification exam prior to having a referral letter sent. Please have your supervisor read the syllabus prior to sending the letter.


Below is recommended text for your supervisor to use when sending the email. Please be sure they use their corporate email address, provide their title and company, and include a phone number where they can be reached.


FOR MULTIPLE CANDIDATE FROM THE SAME COMPANY: A supervisor (or human resources representative) may verify experience and education for multiple employees using the same format below. Instead of providing a single candidate's name, the supervisor should simply list out (bulleted list) the names of each candidate.


***********************EMAIL TEMPLATE***********************

To: certification@tbmcouncil.org 

From: supervisor's work/corporate email address [a personal email address will not suffice]

Subject: Verification of education and experience requirements for Certified TBM Executive candidate(s)



Dear TBM Council,


I am writing to verify the following candidate(s) meets the Education and Professional Experience requirements as defined in the Technology Business Management Executive Foundation Certificate Syllabus (found here). I have read and understood the requirements stated in the syllabus and I have direct knowledge of the candidates' work history and schooling in order to provide this verification.


  • <candidate's full name> 
  • <candidate's full name>
  • <candidate's full name>
  • <candidate's full name>


It is my pleasure to attest that the candidate(s) above meets the Education and Professional Experience requirements set forth by the TBM Council for becoming a Certified TBM Executive.




Full Name*



Phone Number*

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