Solve 5 Common Data Issues in 5 minutes

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Take 5 minutes to learn how to solve these common data issues. It will save you time later!


Data IssueSolution
Improper Type: Columns look like numbers and is listed as Numeric but should be listed as Label

This change will need to be made in the data set by changing the type from Numeric to Label in Apptio. 


Typical columns this can occur in include
Cost centers, Accounts or Budget centers


Solve improper type (R11)

Solve improper type (R12)   


Unsupported Characters: Characters are a a black diamond with a ? in the middle 

Look at where the odd characters are, and in what row, and then examine the source file and resolve the issue there.


As always, it is best to save an Excel source file to .csv then upload that as opposed to copy and pasting

Trim: Sometimes there will be a trailing space at the end of the data values in a column.

Fix the source data and re-upload or
Use the Value Override feature in r11 to remove the space using the Trim() function. (Use Formula step in v12, see demo) 


Solve trim (R11)

Solve trim (R12)

Capitals: Apptio is Case Sensitive 

Problems with case can be relieved by manually changing to one standard case or using the Value Override feature in r11 to remove the space using the Upper() or Lower function. (Use Formula step in v12, see demo) 


Note: It would not be good practice to redo the source file in this case since any subsequent uploads would need the same work to be done to it.


Solve Case R11

Solve Case (R12)

Blank Columns - Some columns in the source data file can look empty. However, when the file is loaded you get columns named Blank_1, Blank_2, etc.

You can remove the problem by deleting the columns, not just the data in the column. This work is done in the source file, not in Apptio.

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