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How do I login?

  2. Username = email address
  3. Password = Apptio1234!



How do I change my time zone?

  1. Hover over the pancake stack in the upper left corner and select show profile
  2. Select your time zone and click save changes



How do I view my transcript?

  1. Hover over the pancake stack in the upper left corner and select My Activities
  2. To view high level information on your process, you can look at the Statistics tab.




3.  To view all courses click the Courses tab.

  • Subscribed = a course that you are registered for
  • In Progress = a course that you are taking but have not completed
  • Completed = you have fully completed the course


4. Under Learning Plans you are able to view the number of courses in each plan and the percentage of the plan you have completed.

  • You are also able to view your certificates by clicking on the ribbon to the right of the learning plan.


5. Click on the Badges tab to view your badge for completing a learning plan.

6. The Webinars tab shows the Instructor-led courses that you have subscribed to, are in progress with or have completed.

How do I register for a course?

  1. On your dashboard under Start here to enroll in courses, select play next to the learning plan to view the courese specific to that learning plan.
  2. Click on the course name or on the  icon
  3. You will see the sessions available --> check the session you wish to register for and click confirm

The following courses have pre-requisites that must be completed prior to being able to unlock and register for a session.

  • Reporting: Part 2 (Prerequisites – Reporting: Part 1 and Cost Transparency Foundation: Part 1)
  • Reporting: Part 3 (Prerequisites – Reporting: Parts 1 & 2, Cost Transparency Foundation: Parts 1 & 2)
  • Cost Transparency Foundation: Part 2 (Prerequisites – Cost Transparency Foundation: Part 1)
  • Troubleshooting in Apptio (Prerequisites – Cost Transparency Foundation: Part 1, Apptio Studio & Reporting: Part 1)

How do I view the Instructor-led course I am registered for?

  1. Hover over the pancake stack in the upper left corner and select My Calendar


How do I unenroll from a session?

  1.      Once you click into the session you are enrolled in select the You are enrolled, click here to unenroll button. You are then able to register for a different session.

How do I join a WebEx session?

  1. Hover over the pancake stack in the upper left corner and select My Calendar
  2. Click on the course, and select the blue hyperlink
  3. Here you are also able to view the training materials for the class.
  4. Expand the line and click join to enter the WebEx.


How do I access the self-paced training library?

  1. Select the Browse All Self-paced Courses link on your dashboard.
  2. Find the course, SPARK, etc. you would like to view --> select enroll then subscribe



How do I add my Instructor-led sessions to my calendar software?

  1. Hover over the pancake stack in the upper left corner and select My Calendar.
  2. Click on Export calendar
  3. Copy the URL
  4. In Outlook go to the calendar view and select Open Calendar then From Internet
  5. Paste the URL and click ok.  This will add your registered course calendar to your Outlook calendar



 Which browser should I be using for the best experience?

The latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (Preferred)
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safar


If you have any questions about our Learning Management System (LMS), please email 

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