Elite TBMA Adoption Exam (R11 2017)

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This exam applies only to R11 2017 Elite TBMA certification.

See also Keeping your RTBMA or ETBMA title current 


Congratulations on pursuing the Elite TBMA Certification! Here you’ll find all the information you need to complete the Adoption arm, the culmination of your Elite TBMA certification journey! Before you jump in, confirm that you have completed the ETBMA Adoption learning requirements and have passed the Data/Modeling and Reporting/Troubleshooting ETBMA exams.

For this final exam, you will write a blog to showcase your contribution to improving adoption of TBM and Apptio in your organization.


Write about the impact of TBM and Apptio at your organization or select from one of these prompts. Be creative and strut your stuff! 


  • How has operationalizing a TBM process improved adoption in your organization?
  • Name an insight your organization uncovered using Apptio – what was critical in both finding and acting upon that insight?
  • Share an outline for a talk you’d present to a room full of brand new TBMAs. What tips would you share to help in the successful adoption of TBM and Apptio?


Elite TBMAs possess strong skills in community thought leadership, peer networking, and connections to Apptio. With that in mind, your blog must fulfill these requirements:

  1. Minimum 500 word response to one of the three prompts above.
  2. Include at least one supporting visual such as a video, PowerPoint, PDF, graphic, sample material, etc.
  3. Tagged with the “elite_tbma” tag.
  4. @mention at least one colleague or peer and one Apptian.
  5. Publish to your Apptio Community personal blog space.
  6. Obtain at least 15 likes.
  7. Once you have completed steps 1-6, submit your blog in the Adoption Exam in Apptio University.


Good luck! We can’t wait to read all about it!


To create your blog:

Find the pencil icon in the right tool bar in the header of the page:


  1. Select “Blog Post”.
  2. Create your blog, using the “Save Draft” option as needed.
  3. Be sure to include images, links, or attachments!
  4. Tag your post with the “elite_tbma” tag in the Tag this Blog Post section. Tag your post with any other appropriate tags such as “adoption” or “socialize”. Tags help refine search results.
  5. @mention as many of your Community colleagues, peers, and Apptians as you’d like. When you @mention them they will get a notification when you publish your post.
  6. Publish your post. Once published, your blog will be available for all to read, but you have full control over your blog post and can always edit it if you find a mistake.