How do I use the Learning Management System (LMS)?

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How do I login?

  2. Username = email address
  3. Password = Apptio15!


How do I view the class schedule?

  1. Login with credentials above
  2. Hover over My Training
  3. Select Events Calendar


  1. Click Appropriate Month.  Use the arrows to navigate to a different




How do I search for a class available to me or a course

  1. Hover over My Training
  2. Select Browse for Training
  3. Click class title for more information on course


How do I register myself for a class?

  1. Hover over My Training
  2. Select
    Events Calendar
  3. Click the title of the session you would like to
    take (Check time/date/location)
  4. Click Request


Be sure to check your transcript to make sure
that the class was added correctly (My Training à View your transcript)



How do I withdraw from a class?

  1. Hover over My Training
  2. Select
    View My Transcript

3. Find Course and click on “View Training Details”



4.  Click Withdraw

5.  Select Reason and click Submit


How do I join a WebEx session?

  1. Hover
    over My Training
  2. Click
    View your Transcript
  3. Locate
    your upcoming WebEx session
  4. Click Launch on the right hand side

5.    This will bring you right into the WebEx session


How do I access the self-paced training library?

  1. Hover over My Training
  2. Select Browse for Training

3. Select the library icon to see available libraries



4. Select the Self-Paced Training Library

5. Assign the library to your transcript



6. View your transcript to see and launch videos in the Self-paced training library


How do I sign up for a curriculum?

  1. Hover over My Training
  2. Click Browse For Training
  3. Select the curriculum icon to see available curriculums

     4. Select the curriculum you want to take


Which browser should I be using for the best experience?

  • The latest versions of the following browsers:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Google Chrome




If you have
any questions about our Learning Management System (LMS), please email