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Attached is the TBM taxonomy "payers" extension first draft we are using at BSC in our existing TBM implementation to accommodate other organizations beyond IT.

We need to move now since we are effectively launching the "Customer Experience" organization. Our roadmap is clearly defined to continue advancing this year with other organizations. There are several ideas floating around on how to organize these concepts and from the TBM Office perspective we're trying to drive that discussion. 

Steve Morley and Todd Tucker please provide guidance on how to get other "payers" engaged in this effort.

After going through the exercise, I arrived at three conclusions I would like to validate within the industry:

  1. The TBM taxonomy does cover our needs to account for the IT function from IT Towers to IT services perspectives. No need to create new towers or service portfolios. The way the enterprise is organized into Divisions and Departments might have a big influence in this assumption
  2. Looking beyond IT, there are IT powered functions that do require the creation of service portfolios and resource towers. See document for the proposed extensions
  3. Non IT powered functions are beyond the TBM taxonomy and in the backburner for us right now. Relying on the TBM Connect workgroup to define the standards

My colleague Ravi Pandita needs to be engaged in this discussion