Announcing ETBMA 2019!  Are you ready?

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Our Elite TBMAs are continuing to make a name for themselves on the Apptio Community and in the TBM Industry as well. The updated ETBMA Curriculum.  It will be a combination of what was on the ETBMA 2018 R12 requirements, and will incorporate competencies from the ETBMA 2019 Bridge process. The ETBMA 2019 will be available by the end of February 2019.


Individuals who hold Elite TBMA certification, are expected to be just that, Elite, the best of the best. An Elite TBMA not only has the technical skill to configure and troubleshoot Apptio, he or she has a value mindset - the ability to optimize a model and create an Apptio report, but also to find insights from that report and collaborate with the business to act upon those insights. Elite TBMAs should also have a strong foundation in Technology Business Management (TBM).


This year we've updated the ETBMA requirements for 2019 in both areas:

  • TBMA Business Skill
  • TBMA Technical Skill

Following are the details of each, as well as information about ETBMA 2019 Benefits. 


Note:  We are retiring the R11 ETBMA Certification in 2019.  If you are in progress on your R11 ETBMA or are specifically interested in earning an R11 ETBMA, please contact us at


TBMA Business Skills


2017 ETBMAs established themselves as thought leaders in the TBM space by creating a blog post from specific ETBMA prompts. The first Elite TBMAs documented a wealth of knowledge. 


In 2018 we added a whole new crop of ETBMAs to our TBMA Wall of Fame -ETBMA 2018 as well as upgrading many of our initial ETBMAs to the 2018 version of the certification.   2018 ETBMAs created a combination Case Study and Blog Post.


In 2019 the ETBMA business skill component will continue to be satisfied through a combination blog post and case study. The case study template is available here. 


As professionals, we don't always take the time to document or even reflect upon the way our work directly contributes to our organization. The ETBMA Case Study provides that opportunity. The result will not only support your certification but provide another channel for your TBMO to publicize and celebrate it's value.  Take advantage of this opportunity to share your accomplishments with your business stakeholders.


TBMA Technical Skills


New ETBMAs must complete this component.  ETBMA18 title holders, see the upgrade paths for more detail on converting an R11 2018 title to R12 2019 or for converting your R12 ETBMA 2018 title to 2019. 



Collectively the challenges test skills in the following areas:

Those listed in orange are new and will be included in the Bridge

Data Studio Skills
Model Studio SkillsReport Studio Skills
  • NumberFormat()
  • Value Override function
  • SumIf() – dynamically detect repeated rows
  • Use Unpivot step to convert columns to rows
  • Change the order of operations in the transform pipeline
  • Troubleshoot syntax and logic in complex formulas
  • Review source-to-destination mapping logic in the Append step
  • Change the order of operations in the transform pipeline
  • Troubleshoot Tablematch() rules tables
  • Utilize Substitute() to replace or remove unwanted characters in text columns
  • Override the default case sensitivity of Lookup()
  • Use If() to remove small or blank values that display in a report
  • Use a self referencing formula to change the value in a cell
  • Modify an allocation's data-based reference to include additional rows
  • Use one data table for more than one applicable object
  • Add additional allocations to accommodate complex logic
  • Change the granularity of data relationship in an allocation
  • Assess the impact of an incorrect allocation strategy
  • Identify an optimal model configuration





  • Build a stacked bar chart to display data trends
  • Alter report component settings - titles, borders, color specs, alignment, fonts, sizing and others as necessary
  • Configure line charts to display time trends
  • Troubleshoot a picker that drills to the incorrect document
  • Configure report components to improve their usability
  • Deconstruct a report
  • Create a model report to trace value through your model
  • Show filter context in drill down reports



Additionally ETBMA's in 2019 should know how to:

  • Upgrade CT Projects to the latest template version
  • Deconstruct a report - to understand where values come from
  • Create Useful Model reports and enable them for end users
  • Utilize Print Layout and export to PDF


ETBMA 2019 Benefits 

Individuals who become Certified Elite TBMAs receive the following benefits

  • Elite TBMA badge on TBM Connect
  • An official Certified Apptio Elite TBMA 2019 logo
    • Can be included in email signature files and posted to social media sites such as LinkedIn
  • A downloadable certificate
  • Elite listing on the TBMA Wall of Fame - ETBMA19   (coming soon)
    • All badges for titles and years earned show on your profile page
  • An ETBMA 2019 plaque or recognition gift for multi-year ETBMAs
  • With a valid AAEP
    • Access to ETBMA exclusive summits (at least 1 per quarter)
    • Free entry into select master classes (offered outside of the AAEP program)