My Top 10 List of Community Resources (Nov 2018)

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Hi all,

One the best things of Apptio is its magnificent community. The level of activity and the quality of the resources of this site are incredible. Indeed, it’s easy to find new and valuable information every day. This list summarizes the top 10 of resources created over the last weeks. Also, I have included some older resources which any Apptio practitioners must know.

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  • Apptio glossary (Oct 2018). This page summarizes the most relevant concepts related to Apptio. Whether you are a beginner or an elite practioner, the Apptio Glossary is a must have in your day to day activities.
  • Functions: Annotated list (Sept 2018). This article which contains all the functions has been very useful during my training to get the Elite TBMA Certificate. An indispensable resource!
  • TBM Taxonomy 3.0. (16 Nov 2018). The TMB taxonomy is the cornerstone of Apptio allowing to connect IT and the business. The new version of the TBM taxonomy has been released in November and this page contains a detailed description of the new model.
  • Design patterns. (22 Nov 2018) Sooner or later, most of us will have to implement Apptio in one our customers. When that moment comes, I will review this fantastic guide prepared by Tobias Zimmermann which describes how to implement a Cost transparency Project.
  • Product Landing page. (21 Nov 2018). If you are unfamiliar with Apptio, I’m strongly recommend this portal which classifies all the Apptio products including a link to further information. Simple and easy. Well done!
  • Shared Service Model. (8 Nov 2018). Michael Moulsdale has published a really interested blog post about Shared Services.
  • Cost saving through Database optimization - ETBMA Case Study. (21 Nov 2018). This blog post is a fantastic case study on how to user Apptio to optimized costs in the Database layer.
  • ANZ Bank - Banking on Running IT As A Business (13 Nov 2018). In this document, ANZ Bank's Josh Rowe (TBM Director), Hamish McKenzie (IT COO) and Emma Clark (IT CFO) share their collective experience of how ANZ delivered Cost Transparency and Bill of IT within 12 months. A case of success!
  • Field Advisory - Office 365 Insights DataLink Connector (26 Nov 2018). The existing PowerShell scripts used to extract data for Office 365 Insights will be deprecated and replaced with the new O365 Graph DataLink Connector. If you are affected, review the document
  • Weekly Updates. (23 Nov 2018) Last but not least, have a look with the latest new and updates on Apptio in the weekly updates page.
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