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On June 15, 2017, the TBM Council hosted the 4th annual European TBM Summit. This day-long Summit brought together 300+ leading IT and finance professionals from around Europe to learn from and collaborate with their peers. The day was filled with great conversations and inspiring presentations. Attendees left with a stronger understanding of the state of TBM throughout Europe and the insight needed to better communicate value to their business partners.


Imagination Technology - European TBM Summit 2017 


The European TBM Summit was one for the history books. Here are some of my top highlights from the ground-breaking day.


Imagination Technology and TBM

This year’s Summit was built around the theme of Imagination Technology. This concept could be felt throughout every aspect of the day, specifically in the diverse line-up of speakers and TBM experiences shared. The sessions highlighted the need for IT and finance leaders to be innovative and agile in a world where disruptive technology and evolving customer needs rule the day. Summit emcee and CIO of Nationwide Building Society, Debra Bailey, said it best when she explained how TBM helps her organization imagine and prepare for the future:


 “Our TBM journey helps us make future choices. We use the intel, the cost and the transparency to help us make those choices.” – Debra Bailey, CIO, Nationwide Building Society




The day consisted of 18 speakers, each with a unique viewpoint and TBM story to tell. Topics ranged from exploring how to simplify the Business of IT and Driving Performance, Agility and Strategic Business Change, to dealing with the often complicated and ever-changing world of hybrid IT. We heard from CIOs, CTOs, Heads of Finance and Controlling, and TBM Leaders from organizations across all industries including Uber, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Maersk Oil & Gas, Danske Bank, Shell, Unilever and Amadeus Data Processing. Each session proved the transformative impact of TBM, as well as how it is changing the way IT departments create and communicate value to their business partners.


Don’t worry if you were not able to attend the Summit or missed a particular session, all TBM Council members can access the presentations from the Summit via TBM Connect.


Creating a TBM Connection

I left the Summit with a significant appreciation for the TBM community in Europe. The Summit was launched in 2014 with 95 attendees. This year, the group grew to 300+ leaders from the top organizations and institutions around the region. There was a constant buzz of conversation throughout the day. Attendees were eager to collaborate and learn from their peers and Summit sponsors. The community is growing at a rapid rate and members are relying on one another to provide insight, share lessons learned, and advance the discipline of TBM. 




The conversation and collaboration does not have to stop at the Summit. IT and Finance professionals are invited to join the TBM Council as a way to grow the community and stay connected throughout the year.


Taking TBM Knowledge to the Next Level

Though this did not technically take place on the day of the Summit, the TBM Council hosted its first European TBM Executive Foundation Certification Course on June 13 and 14. This was the perfect way to kick-off Summit. Members of the community gathered for a two day class taught by Todd Tucker, VP and Research & Standards with the TBM Council and author of Technology Business Management: The Four Value Conversations CIOs Must Have With Their Businesses.



The certification course is designed for TBM program leaders (and aspiring program leaders!) and expands on how TBM is about more than just checking a box, and even more than transparency and compliance: TBM is about becoming a change agent that transforms your organization’s accountability model. The course covered TBM essentials including:


  • How to communicate the need for TBM
  • Identifying key tools of TBM
  • How to implement key TBM disciplines
  • How to drive continuous improvement


Attendees of the class ranged from TBM practitioners, to partners, to industry analysts. The variety of roles allowed for rich discussions and unique perspectives around TBM and the fact that it is a journey of continuous improvement. Don’t worry if you missed out on the June course. Additional courses will be held throughout the year. You can register for upcoming certification classes by visiting


The impact of European TBM Summit 2017 will continue to influence the way business is done in Europe and beyond for the foreseeable future. Members of the community are invited to further their TBM know-how by attending TBM Conference 2017 in Las Vegas, November 6 – 9. Register today for $1,995.


Do you have a favorite moment from the TBM European Summit? Let us know if the comment section below.


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This blog was originally written and published by the TBM Council's Technical Advisor, Apptio.

Original published date: June 1, 2017


By: Mckenzie Wright, Apptio


How do you manage the business of IT? If you’ve asked yourself that more than once, it’s time to consider another career path… just kidding. The reality is this isn’t a new concern. In fact, every year over 1,000 IT and finance professionals meet to discuss this very topic.


On November 6th in Las Vegas, the TBM (Technology Business Management) Conference will kick off its fifth annual event as the world’s only gathering dedicated to managing the business of IT. With 1,350+ technology and finance leaders from around the globe, the atmosphere is prime for the exchange of ideas, strategy sharing, advancement of careers, and networking opportunities.


 Here are just a few of the things past conference attendees have said about the experience:


"It’s good to have the diversity of perspectives because I think you usually come out with the best solution." – Gboyega Adebayo, TBM Conference attendee


"This is such a cool event, what it really means is that the profession we represent is finally coming of age." – Rob Carter, EVP & CIO, FedEx Corporation


Watch the video below to hear why you should attend the 2017 TBM Conference, November 6th -9th in Las Vegas.


Why Attend the 2017 TBM Conference


5 reasons you should attend


1. Network with leading IT professionals across all industries

Thousands of CIOs and other IT leaders from around the world will be in attendance from companies such as Nike, KeyBank, FedEx, CHRISTUS Health, Cargill, and more. With all these innovative leaders, you can hear about the best practices for investment optimization and increased transparency, the challenges of cloud migration, as well as other trending topics in the industry.


2. Be a part of advancing the disciplines, standards, and strategies of IT

In every industry, there is a basic structure that’s been around for ages. What’s different about the TBM conference is that you get to be a part of the advancement of the IT industry. Technology is no longer a keep-the-lights-on function. Innovative CIOs like James LaPlaine, of AOL, believe, “IT can be a strategic weapon, and can be a catalyst for business transformation.”


3. Experience the new conference breakout

First two days: Leadership Summit designed for elite IT and Finance leaders who will share their TBM adoption stories and their unique paths to delivering value to their organizations. The agenda appeals to all levels of TBM maturity – from transparency and cost optimization to services provider to digital enterprise. You’ll learn the strategies to evolve your organization's TBM discipline.


Second two days: Practitioner summit that focuses on gaining practical knowledge around the TBM Taxonomy, tools to manage TBM, anatomy of the TBM office, adoption best practices, and more. 


4. Hear from amazing conference speakers

TBM Council brings together some of the brightest leaders in the industry to help share their stories. Here are just a few past conference speakers:




5. Attend the annual TBM Awards Gala

Hear some of the most inspirational stories exemplifying incredible achievements in the areas of business innovation, IT optimization, IT financial leadership, services transformation, and TBM adoption. The TBM Council Awards honor IT and Finance leaders for their ingenuity, creativity, and contribution to TBM. 



Join us

Over the last 5 years, Apptio has had the pleasure of watching the TBM Conference grow past its origins in Seattle and we’re excited to continue supporting as the TBM Council’s Technical Sponsor. We hope to see you at the event.

If the list above isn’t incentive enough, sign up now and receive a $1000 off the full price. See you in November!