Apcera to Sponsor and Dive Into the Shark Tank at the TBM Conference

Blog Post created by nlockwood Employee on Oct 28, 2015

By Chris Pick, President, TBM Council


When we founded the Technology Business Management (TBM) Council in 2012, I saw a need to promote standards and best practices that could empower IT executives. IT rarely has the flash or fanfare of other organizations; however, it sets the foundation for innovation. Communicating the business value of IT is imperative to success and growth. Since inception, the vision of TBM Council has spread like wildfire and we now support over 1,700 IT leaders.

Sharing in our vision and joining us at the TBM Conference as a sponsor is Apcera. Apcera is a trusted cloud application platform founded by Derek Collison (former executive at Cloud Foundry, VMware, TIBCO, Google). Many organizations face a critical tradeoff: innovate faster with potential security concerns, or limit innovation by prioritizing security. Apcera challenges the notion that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

The Apcera Platform is designed to Deploy, Orchestrate and Govern all workloads (including cloud native and legacy applications) on and across all cloud environments. Leveraging Apcera helps companies receive the benefits of modern technology without the pain of managing complex infrastructure. In short, the Apcera Platform bridges the gap and helps organizations innovate at speed with full confidence and trust.

One of the Council’s core pieces of work, the TBM unified model, standardizes the financial information necessary for IT leaders to transform to a services-led business. When working together, the Apcera Platform enables IT to govern and manage these resources.

Not only is Apcera a sponsor this year, they are also participating in the Shark Tank: IT Investment Pitch Off! at the TBM Conference on Wednesday, October 28th. You’ll see exactly how the Apcera Platform stacks up against our metrics to evaluate new investments. Attend and see, first hand, how Apcera works and how it is rated against Cost-for Performance, Business-Aligned Portfolio, Investment in Innovation and Enterprise Agility. It will prove to be an informative and entertaining event for all.

We are very excited to partner with Apcera and know that their presence at the TBM Conference will bring new ideas and discussions to our members.