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26April_TBM-Talk-Icon.pngEpisode 5: Allocation Granularity


In this episode @Michael Moulsdale, discusses granularity in your Apptio model. With a complete willingness to share and simplify all things Apptio, Michael takes time to help you understand:


  • Allocation granularity
  • Difference between one to one and many to one cardinality and how this influences performance
  • Solutions to get your dollars flowing the way you want them to flow


ETBMAs may find this discussion helpful while preparing to take the 2018 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam (R12). 


Play TBM Talk Episode 5


Music by


Length: 18 minutes


Format: Audio and video Podcast


Audience: ETBMAs


Prerequisites: None

26April_TBM-Talk-Icon.pngEpisode 4: SumIf in Apptio


In this episode, David Ahn, discusses the formula function SumIf. David's technical abilities are well respected at Apptio and we are pleased that he took time to share his knowledge about:


  • The primary purpose of SumIf
  • Best practice of  SumIf and LookupEx relationship
  • Specific example of Fixed Assets -  splitting one asset into multiple towers for reporting granularity
  • Validating and documenting your use of SumIf and LookupEx 

ETBMAs may find this discussion helpful while preparing to take the 2018 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam (R12). 

Play TBM Talk Episode 4

Music by


Length: 8 minutes


Format: Audio Podcast


Audience: ETBMAs


Prerequisites: None


Let us know what you think! Add a comment and tell us what other topics you'd like to see featured on TBM Talk.

Welcome! This page has been created for individuals who have completed the IT Benchmarking course. Once you complete the course, share how you will use the skills learned. 


It is Education Services' hope that posting your story and reading those of others will leave you inspired. In the comment section below share how you will use IT Benchmarking.


Select below. 

Debbie Hagen

How YOU Inspire Apptio U!

Posted by Debbie Hagen Employee Feb 28, 2018


 Our Apptio Users inspire us every day… we’re constantly amazed at how you solve problems, help your users and peers. We also love how you come up with great ways to communicate the value of Apptio and TBM.

Jairus Green, one of our Elite TBMAs is a great example of how TBMAs inspire our team. 


Meet TBM Framework Dude….


 Jairus designed TBM Framework Dude as a mnemonic to help him remember how to describe the TBM Framework to his users.  We loved TBM Framework Dude so much, we invited Jairus to join us for an outing to the Lego store to build our own Framework Dude.

Check out the video of our TBM Framework Dude challenge.  Keep an eye on Community… you’ll be seeing more of him.



You've been waiting for it...

and now it's here!

As a current Elite '17 TBMA, the ETBMA 2018 upgrade plans allow you to demonstrate and validate your experience and knowledge while bringing your ETBMA status up to current 2018 standards.


Find out all about ETBMA 2018 here:

ETBMA 2018 is here! Are you up for the challenge?  


Two paths are available:


R11 to R11

In this path you will update your current Elite '17 TBMA R11 status to Elite '18 TBMA R11 status by:

  • Successfully completing the R11 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam
  • Creating an ETBMA Case Study


R11 to R12

In this path you will update your current Elite '17 TBMA in R11 status to Elite '18 TBMA in R12 status by:

  • Taking the R12 for R11 Experts Program
  • Gaining Community Points
  • Successfully completing the Recognized '18 TBMA for R12 program
  • Taking all ETBMA R12 2018 Courses
  • Successfully completing the R11 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam
  • Creating an ETBMA Case Study



As an ETBMA, you stand for something important, and your activity is most valuable when shared with the most people. To this point, you may have noticed there is no longer an ETBMA user group. This is because everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from your greatness! Keep sharing your knowledge with the entire Apptio Community.


Are you the expert in TBM Studio R11 today and wondering how those skills will transfer to R12? Check out a course designed just for you! We are pleased to bring you R12 for R11 Experts, a self-paced learning experience to prepare you for your transition to Apptio R12!  


Start on your path to become a R12 expert, learn what is new and different in R12, watch an informative webinar, and assess your R12 skills. 


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the new capabilities of Data Studio, Model Studio, and Report Studio 
  • Recognize and utilize the new features of TBM Studio
  • Confirm your knowledge and understanding of Apptio TBM Studio



Watch the welcome video to learn how to navigate the course!


Length: 2 hours


Format: Self-paced


Prerequisite: none




Special thanks to Libby Christensen for her guidance and contribution to the development of this course.  

Reporting 3 in R11 is now delivered to you in a self-paced format. Now you can choose the right time for you to learn how to configure global slicers, dynamic HTML and nested groups.


Your instructor, Debbie Hagen, provides detailed instruction in three sessions. In Session #1 she demonstrates how to insert and configure global slicers. You'll feel confident in how to create this type of report filter that applies across all reports in all projects. Session #2 is a tutorial on how to create dynamic HTML components that will automatically update based on the conditions and triggers you pre-configure. Session 3 prepares you to insert nested groups on your reports that will allow you to control the behavior of specific report components. 


You will also learn several tips and tricks that will enhance your daily use of Apptio.


Length: 1 hour

Format: Self-paced  

Audience: Elite TBMA Candidates

Prerequisites: CTF - Reporting 1 and CTF - Reporting 2


Hello future ETBMAs,

Just wanted to let everyone know that there is an R11 Troubleshooting course on the schedule next Monday and Tuesday (Jan 21,22) from 11am to 1pm PST.  If you've been waiting to take this course, now is a good opportunity.  There is plenty of space in the class. 


Just go to Apptiou to register.




Get your hands dirty. Go ahead, you know you want to. Time to roll up your sleeves and dig into Apptio. In Data, Model and Report Validation in V12 your instructor will help you substantiate report results, model allocations and data authenticity. 


By utilizing a repeatable process, this course will help you locate and remedy some common (but not easy) breaks in your projects. You'll start in reports and work your backwards through the Apptio model and ultimately locate the problem. Be careful, that is not the process! You will have to attend the class in order to learn the steps in between. 


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Review the input of a model and check for missing or incomplete data
  • Review the allocation strategy used to move cost from the source to the target object and locate inconsistencies that prevent correct allocations
  • Verify all relevant fields in a report are correctly populated


You will also learn several tips and tricks that will enhance your daily use of Apptio.


Length: 3 hours


Format: Instructor led webinar






Introduction to Cost Transparency

Reporting Essentials

Ready to start creating reports?  In Creating Reports to Defend Your Numbers, you will learn how to locate and build reports in TBM Report Studio.


This course is all about using Apptio to respond to requests that you, the TBMA, might get from your company stakeholders. First, you’ll learn how to use the AVE (Apptio Value Explorer) to find answers in Apptio’s standard report collections.  Next, you will use the skills learned in Reporting Essentials to build custom reports that address specific questions from your IT leaders.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Explore the Apptio Value Explorer to locate a report that answers a stakeholders request
  • Gather necessary information to build a custom report
  • Use TBM Report Studio tools and features to build a custom report


Length: 3 hours


Format: Instructor Led


Prerequisite: Reporting Essentials 


• Reporting analysts with permission to create reports



Special thanks to Maha Ramachandran and Debbie Hagen and for their contribution to the development of this course.  



Ready to start creating reports?  In Reporting Essentials you will learn how to build reports in TBM Studio by creating a storage cost report for a fictitious IT Finance Manager. 


This course will help you plan your reports by identifying your target audience, understanding the type of report you want to create and the value it will add, and focusing on metrics that matter. You will learn how to lay out your report and the best practices of data presentation.


By completing the course you will be able to create reports with the following technical features:

  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Sparklines
  • Filters
  • Slicers
  • Column pickers
  • Quick pivots
  • Group boxes
  • HTML headers
  • Tabs
  • KPIs (with directional arrow)
  • Overlay charts
  • Drill to (Pop outs)
  • Master Reports


You'll also learn to change the colors displayed in a chart, use project-wide vs component-specific colors, and add reports to existing report collections. 


Length: 1.5 hours


Format: Self-Paced

• Reporting analysts with permission to create reports



Special thanks to Debbie Hagen for her contribution to the development of this course.  

I'm pleased to announce the release of the Advanced Data Management in TBM Studio R12 course in Apptio University.


Join guest instructors Christopher Davidson and Micah Boomer as they share their experience and best practices around managing data in Apptio. In this course, you'll explore:

  • Database relationships
  • Advanced data transformation
  • Documenting data sets
  • Data versioning
  • Hybrid tables
  • Ways to improve your data cleanliness


Length: 1 Hour


Format: Self-paced 


Prerequisites: Introduction to Cost Transparency R12 suggested


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Elite TBMA R11 2018 (ETBMA) certification

And now for some v12 magic.

In v12 you can click on a column name in the Formulas area and it highlights the respective column in your table... 

You can also click in the Column header, and it highlights the column and formula up at the top in your formulas bar.  I wished and wished for this relationship in R11.  It makes my life so much easier in v12.



Well done engineering!

Here is a link to a trick you can use if you are using R11  or in any other table view in v12. Use your browser find option to highlight the values you are looking for. 

Hello TBM Heroes!

I've been using a great trick lately that someone showed me ages ago and darn if I didn't forget about it. I've recently rediscovered it.  Did you know you can use CTRL+F when you are in Apptio to help find the columns or values you are searching for instead of scrolling back and forth through a screen full of columns?


Just do this.  When you are in Apptio (this works for R11 and v12), just use Ctrl+F to bring up the Find search bar. Depending on your browser it may be near the top or the bottom of your screen.  Enter the value you want to find in the Find bar and it's highlighted through your formulas and your table.






Also, here is a link to a cool trick I've been using when troubleshooting or validating my formulas and tables in v12.

v12 linkage between Columns in Transform Pipeline and in Data Tables 

Do you know this guy?  


There’s a chance you’ve already spotted him. This TBM Superhero gets around. He sits next to monitors. I've seen him on a Christmas tree, riding down the highway in St. Louis and there’s definitely at least one picture of him at CrossFit. Essentially wherever a Recognized TBMA is using his or her skills to improve IT costing, billing or planning, this little TBM mascot can be found, just in the wings, being strong and encouraging.



He’s the perfect listener. He doesn’t judge, He lets you mumble about the model and squeeze him over allocations, while constantly holding that little smirk because he knows you’re brilliant and you’re going to figure it out. TBM Hero already stands quietly on the desk of select RTBMAs all over the world and if you pass the exam by the end of September, he’ll stand next to you too.  


We know you might want this guy even more than the title, it’s okay.  


What's that you say?  You have already earned the RTBMA title but you don't have a TBM Superhero Guy mascot yet?We can take care that!  Just post your name in a comment below by end of September then go make sure your mailing address in your Community profile* is correct and we'll hook you up! 


*addresses in your profile are only visible to Community admins and we won't share it, we promise!




Thanks to TBM Superhero Guy co-author Rhonda Keller.