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As a part of the RTBMA Learning Plan, the Introduction to Apptio course will showcase Apptio’s suite of SaaS applications for automating TBM and how Apptio empowers common roles in IT. In addition, the course covers how you can maximize your success by adopting TBM processes, and how you can connect with other practitioners.


With Apptio’s TBM applications built around ATUM, you can connect your data to pre-defined and useful reports that facilitate better and faster decision-making capabilities for your IT, Finance and Business Units.


Taking this self-paced class will prepare you for the courses that follow in the RTBMA Apptio University Learning Plans.


Share with your stakeholders


Length: 3 short videos (17 minutes)


Format: Self-Paced


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Recognized TBMA Certification


Recognized TBMA (RTBMA) is the first step toward becoming an Apptio Certified Elite TBMA (ETBMA). 

RTBMAs complete 50 hours of self-study, instructor-led courses, and hands-on practice followed by an online examination to validate they have foundational TBMA knowledge. 


AAEP (All Access Education Pass) holders are invited to pursue the title of Apptio Recognized TBMA



The necessary course of study for an RTBMA is divided into two segments and is always visible from the Apptio University Learning Path.


The first five self-paced courses referred to as the Explorer courses are comprised of self-paced, introductory Apptio and TBM courses. 


After completing these courses, you will automatically earn the Apptio University Explorer badge and gain points to increase your level on Community. This badge will be visible on your TBM Connect profile.



After completing the Explorer courses, you're ready to continue to NavigatorThe Navigator segment includes a blend of best practice and product related study. Some of the content you can consume at your own pace and other courses require that you participate in our virtual classrooms where you’ll have access to outstanding instructors and get hands-on practice using Apptio. When you complete these courses, you’ll earn the Apptio University Navigator badge and gain more Apptio Community points.


After completing Explorer and Navigator, you're eligible to attempt the online examination.


What is the RTBMA exam like?

The Apptio Recognized TBMA examination is a combination of multiple-choice and multiple-response questions designed to validate that you possess knowledge in five foundational areas:


TBM Administrator (R11/R12)

  • Explain at a high level the purpose of the Apptio suite of products and how they support TBM
  • Understand the Apptio licensing structure and how to stay compliant
  • Interact with Apptio support
  • Communicate the ongoing value of TBM and Identify the core principles of TBM
  • Describe key IT Operations terms and concepts
  • Describe key financial statements such as the balance sheet, income statement
  • Collaborate with IT and Finance execs by Identifying the relationship between financial processes, IT processes, and TBM
  • Manage Apptio users

TBM (R11/R12)

  • Explain at a high level the TBM Hallmarks of Success
  • Identify the importance and benefits of TBM Governance and the recommended steps for establishing a TBM Office
  • Identify the benefit of and process for creating a TBM Roadmap

ATUM Model (R11/R12)

  • Identify the importance of the ATUM Model Structure
  • Identify the components of the ATUM Model
  • Stay ATUM compliant
  • Configure new components to model

Data Management

  • Troubleshoot a model including finding lost dollars and identifying variances (R11)
  • Configure, manage and promote projects in Dev, Stage, and Prod (R11/R12)
  • Use formulaic logic (R11/R12)
  • Create and/or review/understand allocations (R11/R12)
  • Validate and review data (R11/R12)
  • Load data effectively (R11/R12)
  • Run data quality reports (R11/R12)
  • Understand inference (R11)
  • Map data to data sets and manage data sets (R11/R12)
  • Add/edit custom columns (R11/R12)
  • Understand and create transforms (R11)
  • Create and interpret object identifiers with the right amount of granularity (R11/R12)
  • Define and Gather needed data (R11/R12)
  • Use audit log (R11)
  • DataLink Connector

Reporting (R11/R12)

  • Identify types of OOB reports and how to locate them
  • Understand the performance implications of reports
  • Interpret and analyze a report
  • Create reports / dashboards to meet business user requirements
  • Understand and properly define report settings
  • I can create a report of my over and under-allocated costs


Consistent with industry technical certification practices, every candidate will not receive every question from the examination pool and the examination pool will evolve over time. Most exams will have around 50 questions and can be easily completed by a candidate who is prepared in under 2 hours. Passing scores will vary based on question weighting and ongoing analysis. Candidates should not focus on earning a minimum passing score, but should instead strive to achieve the competencies noted above.


What happens when I pass the exam?

When you successfully complete the examination the Community Points course will unlock.  Once you complete the Community Points course you will be awarded with the title of Apptio Recognized TBMA 20xx where xx = the calendar year in which the title was obtained.


Recognized TBMAs receive:

  • Recognized TBMA badge on TBM Connect
  • An official Apptio Recognized TBMA logo
    • Can be included in email signature files and posted to social media sites such as LinkedIn
  • A downloadable certificate
  • Listing on the TBMA Wall of Fame (if you give us your permission to do so)


What happens if I do not pass the exam?

You will receive your examination score immediately after submitting your exam. After 4 attempts, your exam access will be revoked. To have your access re-initiated email If 30 days have passed since your last attempt, the Apptio University help desk will gladly reinstate your access. You may attempt the exam a total of 4 times within a 30 day period.


If I earned the title in a previous year, how do I upgrade to the current year?

See the information here Keeping your RTBMA or ETBMA title current 


Can I attempt the exam or earn the title without an AAEP?

The body of work created to prepare individuals to be successful TBMAs along with the examination that validates knowledge, is made possible by and is a benefit exclusively of the AAEP program.


I have an AAEP but I’m very experienced and don’t think I need to take all of the classes that lead to the exam. Can I skip them?

We highly recommend attending formal education but will consider exceptions on a case by case basis. For consideration, please email, note the courses you would like to skip and the Apptio sponsor who can vouch for your equivalent experience.


I still have questions, how can I get answers?

Leave questions right here in the comments and we’ll make sure to respond.


I think I might do this. Should I go for it?

Yes! Education Services is here to support your success and recognize you for your achievements. All you have to do to get started, is earn your Explorer badge. When you earn the Navigator badge, you’ll automatically get access to the exam and can take it whenever you like.


Update your TBM Connect status to let us know you’re pursuing the Recognized TBMA title. We want to cheer you on! 


Socialize Apptio

Posted by rhonda Employee Feb 1, 2017

Drive your socialization effort using the artifacts and templates we provide in these Education Services Launch Kits.







Or, educate and excite your user community with a custom communication plan and end user education.


We will work with you to adjust our proven solution adoption messages into the wording and delivery mechanisms that work best for your audience. We’ll also provide end-user education that you can deliver or have one of our instructors deliver for you.

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Get Certified

Posted by rhonda Employee Nov 3, 2016

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The All Access Education Pass (AAEP) is designed to progress along with you and includes two opportunities for industry recognition.


Level 1: Apptio Recognized TBMA accreditation

What's Required:

  1. An All Access Education Pass All Access Education Pass (AAEP) Overview
  2. Completion of 30 hours in the RTBMA track.
    • Consists of self-paced and instructor-led courses and examination preparation.
    • View the Learning Plans
  3. Successful completion of the RTBMA online examination
    • A combination of multiple-choice, multiple-response, and true/false questions validating basic TBMA proficiency in five topic areas (TBM, Administration, Data Management, ATUM, and Reporting)


What you Earn:

Apptio Recognized TBMAs receive:

  • Recognized TBMA badge on TBM Connect
  • An official Apptio Recognized TBMA logo
    • Can be included in email signature files and posted to social media sites such as LinkedIn
  • A downloadable certificate
  • Listing on the TBMA Wall of Fame
  • Entry into the Recognized and Elite TBMAs forum on Community


More Details:

See the Become an Apptio Recognized TBMA blog post


Level 2: Apptio Elite TBMA Certification

What's Required:

  1. An All Access Education PassAll Access Education Pass (AAEP) Overview
  2. Apptio Recognized TBMA Accreditation
  3. Completion of the Apptio Certified Elite Technology Business Management Analyst program.


What you Earn:

Apptio Elite TBMAs receive:

  • Elite TBMA badge on TBM Connect
  • An official Certified Apptio Elite TBMA logo
    • Can be included in email signature files and posted to social media sites such as LinkedIn
  • A downloadable certificate
  • A plaque
  • Elite listing on the TBMA Wall of Fame

More Details:

See the Apptio Certified Elite Technology Business Management Analyst program.


If you have completed Reporting: Part 1, you can practice the skills learned by creating a series of reports containing information about the costs of your Data Centers in the Reporting: Part 2 course.


In this course, you will discover the form your reports should take, learn how to arrange your reports for easy comprehension, and add various forms of navigation, masters, and other capabilities to engage your audience.


Length: 9 hours (3 hours a day for 3 days)


Format: Virtual Instructor Led



  • Reporting analysts
  • TBMAs



  • Cost Transparency
  • Reporting: Part 1


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Navigator series of the Recognized TBMA title.


If you have completed your Cost Transparency project, you can learn the basics of reporting in Apptio and create your first report in the Reporting: Part 1 course.


This course will help you plan your reports by identifying your target audience, understanding the type of report you want to create and the value it will add, and focusing on metrics that matter. You will learn how to lay out your report and the best practices of data presentation.


Length: 9 hours (3 hours a day for 3 days)


Format: Virtual Instructor Led



  • Reporting analysts
  • TBMAs


Prerequisites: Cost Transparency


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Navigator series of the Recognized TBMA title.


Apptio’s Cost Transparency application enables organizations to make better, faster decisions about their IT resources by providing actionable, current, and trusted information about IT costs and budgets to the decision makers in the organization.


Through visual modeling and self-service analytics, the Cost Transparency application transforms your general ledger data into easy-to-understand and easily accessible reports. These reports present information about IT towers, services, and projects, which can be used by IT finance, IT management, data quality owners, and IT application and service owners.


In the Cost Transparency Foundation: Part 1 course, you will implement the finance layer of the Cost Transparency model, including cost source, labor, fixed assets, and IT resource towers.

In adidtion, you'll learn how to:

  • Create and configure a Service Library and Cost Transparency project
  • Identify the data necessary to implement each component in the finance layer
  • Create the custom columns you require
  • Use the Data Mapper to map data to the master data sets


Length: 9 hours (3 hours a day for 3 days)


Format: Virtual Instructor Led


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: None


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Navigator series of the Recognized TBMA title.


Apptio Studio provides a secure and robust platform to customize Apptio applications as per your organization’s requirements. It helps you to modify existing data sets and create new data sets to drive cost and quantity models and reports. You can also modify existing cost and quantity models to calculate cost and other metrics for the services provided by your organization, and create reports or modify existing reports to summarize your findings.


In the Apptio Studio course, you will create Apptio projects, upload and transform data, create custom columns in data sets, create models, configure metrics, and create reports.


Length: 12 hours (3 hours a day for 4 days)


Format: Virtual Instructor Led


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: None


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Navigator series of the Recognized TBMA Title.

Apptio Education Services provides three key offerings

to ensure everyone in your organization

has the TBM knowledge and Apptio product skills

necessary to meet your goals.



Click to enlarge


The All Access Education Pass (AAEP)

Is designed For TBMAs, Technology Business Management Analysts or the individual(s) who will manage your Apptio instance and maintain your users, model, and reports

  • Education through a personal subscription
    • Unlike a traditional education model, where you pay-per-seat for a one-time training event, a personal subscription provides one individual with unlimited education access for the duration of the subscription
  • The personal subscription includes unlimited access to Apptio University’s
    • Self-paced education and videos
    • Live instructor-led online courses
      • with hands-on product practice
      • In easy to consume 3-hour time blocks
    • Recognized TBMA accreditation
    • Elite TBMA certification and the benefits therein
  • Personal subscriptions are per person and nontransferable after use
  • Click here or a deeper dive into AAEP value
  • Request an AAEP by emailing


Private Classes

Educate Project Teams with 3 days of private education exclusively for your organization. An experienced Apptio instructor can train members of your Apptio project team virtually in our online classroom, or onsite at your facility.

These sessions typically include:

  • Introduction to Apptio and TBM
  • Foundation Apptio usage and navigation
  • Apptio report creation and usage


Custom Communication Plan and End User Education

Educate and excite your user community with a custom communication plan and end user education. We will work with you to adjust our proven solution adoption messages into the wording and delivery mechanisms that work best for your audience. We’ll also provide end-user education that you can deliver or that one of our instructors can deliver for you.


Find out more about any of the above offerings by leaving a comment to this post or emailing

Education Services is partnering with TBM and Apptio experts to bring you advanced skills and knowledge delivered by the people who develop Apptio products or work with them every day in the field.


Over the coming months we'll be offering these 1-3 hour lecture style sessions live via WebEx. If you come to the session, you'll have the benefit of asking questions in real time but if you can't make it, don't worry. Each session will be recorded and posted in the AAEP catalog.


Every session in the series is open to all AAEP holders and there are no prerequisites for attending or viewing the recording. However, if you are an Elite TBMA candidate, then we've crafted the topics specifically with you in mind.


Here's what we have on tap:





  • Improving Allocations
  • Advanced Modeling Skills
  • Modeling Best Practices


If you're an AAEP holder, you can enroll to attend live sessions, the same way that you would enroll in any other instructor-led course. The week following the live session, you'll be able to access the recording in the same way you access other self-paced classes.


Each session will have a brief accompanying quiz. There's no obligation to take the quiz, but those looking for ETBMA credit must successfully pass the corresponding exam which will be available anytime after the session first airs.

Update: view the latest certification details here.


Certification Behind the Scenes

At the beginning of 2015 we outlined our intent to create the Apptio Recognized TBMA (RTBMA) accreditation program and the second, more advanced Elite TBMA Certification (ETBMA). Since then, it has been our privilege and honestly our pleasure to help Apptio customers gain career defining skills and earn the Recognized TBMA title. If you're one of the individuals who has already earned RTBMA, you know that we are genuinely fueled by your success.


In the past six months we've observed the impact of RTBMA. We've seen RTBMA logos loaded to signature files and LinkedIn profiles and have met with RTBMAs successfully supporting TBM adoption in their organizations. The momentum of the RTBMA program has made it even more important for us to ensure the Elite TBMA Certification is:

  • Sufficiently advanced to support the growing knowledge and skill needs of our RTBMAs.
  • Both valuable enough and strenuous enough to capture market respect.


To meet these requirements, we:

  • Analyzed the skill sets of deeply experienced, highly successful TBMAs.
  • Talked to Apptio product experts to identify the advanced areas of knowledge that yield the highest return.
  • Polled leaders in Technology Business Management about the necessary knowledge and skills for success.
  • Asked our RTBMA's via an exclusive Community group, "what would you like to learn, next? How can we continue to support your success?"


Our research culminated in enough spreadsheets to make us wish Apptio had an app for skills mapping but ultimately our findings fell into 5 distinct groupings. If you've been following ETBMA plans from the beginning, you know that we originally drafted the areas of proficiency around high level descriptors like "optimizer, and communicator" but pointing back to the need to ensure this certification is sufficiently advanced, and based on our post-RTBMA research, we've defined the final ETBMA areas against real-world skill requirements. The learning hours originally defined are roughly the same but we've tweaked the content toward more advanced concepts and specific skills.



Looking ahead

We honored our first ever Recognized TBMAs at TBMC15 in Chicago. We would like to award the first Elite TBMAs at TBMC16. Thank you for helping us define a category, advance TBM, and establish the Elite TBMA certification.


- Rhonda Keller Rhonda Keller

Director, Education Services

One of the many things I love about working for Apptio is that this organization genuinely understands the value of empowering customers with career defining technology and skills. A great example of this is our individual subscription approach to education called the AAEP.


If you’re considering an AAEP either for yourself or to enable team members, we’d love to add individuals from your organization to our list of satisfied pass holders. We not only delight in, but it is our mission to create TBM Heroes. It’s a privilege to meet our new AAEP holders as they begin their foundation courses and an honor to cheer on advanced pass holders as they earn industry recognition and help transform their organizations.


Following is a deeper dive into the AAEP program. You can find quick stats here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a note in the comments or email I'm looking forward to talking to you.




Rhonda Keller

Rhonda Keller

Education Services





What is a personal subscription?

In a traditional education model, pricing is still "personal" or charged per person. But the costs are typically per person for a one-time training event. However, in a world where technology is consistently advancing and TBM understanding is evolving, having access to education for a limited number of days is not a great solution. To ensure customers have ongoing access to the best and latest education, Apptio offers individuals a subscription to all of the education in Apptio University, rather than limiting access to one piece of learning at a time.


How does this compare to traditional per-seat pricing

Since we’re constantly refreshing and adding to the AAEP catalog, there will be approximately 100 education hours available to AAEP holders by the end of 2015 or roughly 15 standard training days. In a traditional pricing model, three weeks of technical education ending in a certification is typically valued at $15K USD or more per-person.


Remember that the goal of the education subscription is to make high quality education constantly accessible. Thus, Apptio assumes a considerable amount of the cost in this model. Rather than 15 days for $15K, we provide individuals with a full year of education access for significantly less. For details on AAEP pricing, email


Apptio is committed to keeping industry best practice and product education accessible. Thus, It’s reasonable to assume the AAEP will continue to be heavily discounted, but it will likely increase a little each year as the catalog continues to grow. Customers who purchase multi-year passes have the benefit of locking in future years at the current rate.


Does every TBMA need a subscription? Can we get one pass and transfer it around the organization?

The individual subscription model, at its heavily discounted rate, is designed for single users. Pass sharing is not permitted. In addition, in the same way that purchasing a seat in a one-time training event does not provide an organization with free seats for other employees in all future events, companies may not transfer passes from one employee to another after use.


How long does it take to learn the basics of Apptio?

Apptio is designed to be user friendly, so basic education on the product’s rich feature set can be completed in around 30 hours. However, the Apptio suite of products are purpose built to support Technology Business Management. Thus, successful Apptio power users understand not only the Apptio technology, but the discipline of TBM. Included in Apptio University is TBM Best Practice and Apptio product education. AAEP holders begin by completing 50 hours of self-paced and instructor-led education and then have the option of taking an  exam to become an accredited Apptio Recognized TBMA (RTBMA).


You can view the full learning path here.


We recommend that all new AAEP holders complete the foundation course of study within their first three months of working with Apptio. Self-paced content can be completed on the learner’s own schedule and we maintain a robust global schedule of instructor-led courses offered in easy to consume, 3-hour segments or less.


You can learn more about RTBMA accreditation here.


We’re so proud of our current RTBMA title holders. Check them out on our Wall of Fame.


What’s next after the Recognized TBMA title?


Elite TBMA Certification (ETBMA)

Organizations serious about protecting their Apptio investment and advancing their TBM initiative will ensure they have at least one in-house Elite TBMA.


Becoming ETBMA certified will require candidates to complete:

  • Recognized TBMA accreditation
  • Advanced coursework
  • An  examination
  • A hands-on product practical
  • The operation of at least 1 TBM process


We’re currently building the advanced courses that will support ETBMA and we’ll begin releasing these courses into the AAEP catalog in November of 2015.


After I've earned RTBMA and ETBMA is there any value in maintaining my AAEP subscription?



Yes! AAEP holders always have the benefit of ongoing access to education as the Apptio product evolves. Apptio University Instructors update their knowledge with each product release and self-paced content is refreshed with each significant change. In addition, new courses are added to the AAEP pool each quarter so there are new opportunities for TBMAs to advance their product skill or TBM knowledge for as long as their AAEP is active.


Beyond the comprehensive courses offered in the AAEP catalog, ETBMAs with valid AAEPs have access to the exclusive Elite series generated by some of the most experienced Apptio product and TBM professionals in the industry.


It's Easy When You Know How

Posted by rhonda Employee Jul 28, 2015

Have you ever seen these tiny little IT departments...



Actually most people call these "Fiendish Puzzles" but "IT department" also works ;-). Each puzzle is made up of multiple pieces and at first, it's really hard to get the pieces apart...sort of like the business of IT. You know there are all kinds of components that come together to make up IT cost but when you try to peel that cost apart and understand the pieces, they seem locked together, just like these puzzles.


Most of the puzzles are locked so tight you'll try a lot of things to open them: brute strength, sorcery, excel spreadsheets, but when you finally arrive at the answer, you'll wonder why you weren't doing it that way all along. Once you know how to get one of these puzzles apart, it's actually really, really easy and you can do it over and over again.


That's the kind of juice our Recognized TBMAs have. Armed with Apptio, they've learned the skills to dismantle the puzzle that is IT Cost. They can understand the pieces that make up the whole and can communicate the value of each component. I'm so sure of this, I'm dropping something in the mail for our initial Recognized TBMAs.



No advance warning, just a box with one of these puzzles inside and a link to this blog post.


If you're reading this post because you've just received one of these boxes... Hi :-)

First of all, you're awesome and I so appreciate that you've earned the Recognized TBMA title.

Your coworkers need a way to understand the challenges you face and skills that you have acquired to overcome them.

So let's do this:



The next time you have to explain what TBM is or what you do as a TBMA, you'll have a mini-IT Department to help you demonstrate. If you're game, thanks so much for playing along and I can't wait to hear from you. We have some Recognized TBMAs on the Education Services team, so we've cracked a few of these puzzles ourselves. Here's some beginners info...


First, every puzzle has multiple pieces, you know this either because I just told you or because you can sometimes just tell, like the the "Laby" puzzle,


clearly 2 pieces.


This one is also 2 pieces.



The others are 3 pieces.

Just like Apptio begins with identifying your data, to solve these puzzles, identify your pieces

and again, just like with Apptio, your identification doesn't have to be perfect, just get a sense for where the big chunks start and stop.

Then you can start to figure out how to move the pieces apart.


I couldn't do that for this one,

"The Vortex"..


There's a hole in my office window the exact same shape.

But, If I were a Recognized TBMA, and if I still had my puzzle,

I could probably get it into these three pieces.


I didn't send the frustration that is Vortex to anyone but if you feel up for the challenge,

if you operate "Elite TBMA style"

(which is the second title we're releasing end of year)

then let me know in the comments. I'll send the Vortex to the first few people who make a request.




Posted by rhonda Employee Apr 23, 2015

[March 15, 2018 update: For a full list of short videos visit Apptio Products Video Catalog ]


Information distilled and delivered quickly is the norm. Your entire LinkedIn, news, or Facebook feed is full of "5 reasons" and "3 things". I suspect we're clicking on this stuff less and less, but when we do actually read these articles (well at least the words in bold) we typically exit them unchanged. Aside from being a few minutes older, we are the same as we were before we read them.


While delivering fast and disposable content is ubiquitous today, it's not a new practice.

It's just that now we don't even get a piece of gum to make it better.



...and now you're 2 second's older, sorry about that.


So telling you that Apptio University has courses you can consume quickly isn't worth a blog post. Everything is fast now. But courses that are quick AND actually useful - that's liquid gold and we've injected it into every one of our SPARKS. No stale gum required.


SPARKS are videos that teach TBMAs a new skill or help them troubleshoot like a pro in 15 minutes or less.


We have close to 50 SPARKS in Apptio U. I've included a current list below. Consider bookmarking this page because I'll keep the list up to date as we add more. If you see a course you'd like to view, login to Apptio U and select it from the SPARKS library.


Like all Appto U content, accessing SPARKS requires an AAEP but if we get enough requests, we'll put a few of these on Apptio Community so that everyone can have a taste. If there's one you'd like to see posted to Community, let me know in the comments.



  • Allocations
    • View Cost Allocation Strategies
    • Add comments to columns and allocations
    • Review model allocations
    • Tags in Apptio
    • Assignment Ratios
  • Data
    • Create and apply a data freshness rule
    • Copy Data Within and Between Projects

    • Common Data Issues

    • Best Practices for Uploading Data

    • How to use the Data Quality Owner Dashboard
    • Create a new data set filter
    • Generated and Transform Tables
    • Data management
  • Functions
    • Use the Nested "If" Function
    • Use the Lookup Function
    • Three Time Functions
    • Table Match
  • Projects
  • Reports
    • Create a report component based on a transform
    • Export and print reports
    • Secure a Report
    • Build a Unit Rate Report
    • Manage Report Collections

    • Edit Master Reports

    • Add a column total to a table in a report
    • Specify Custom Navigation for a Report
    • Create an overlay chart
    • Waterfall Charts
    • Add a built-in formula column
    • Change the breadcrumbs
    • Use of Perspectives
    • Use Slicers with Group Boxes
    • Highlight Cells Using the Ribbon
    • Define HTML Components
    • Create a Custom Perspective
    • Control the visibility of a tab
    • Conditional font colors and HTML
    • Adding a Rate Column
    • Use the Apptio PowerPoint Plug-in
    • Download a chart to PowerPoint
    • Add a note to a report and change its contents in different months
  • Tables
    • Use Map Table

  • TBM
  • Troubleshooting
  • Users
    • Change a user's permissions
    • Add a new user


P.S. If you're wondering if SPARKS is an acronym...of course it is. We'd be booted out of the tech industry otherwise. But I'll let you speculate on the words that comprise SPARKS. Put your best guess in the comments. Entertaining and unlikely answers encouraged ;-)