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We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our Community Awards and helped make it a success!

Here are the 2018 Community Awards winners...

Calling All Royals 

Community contributors who now wear the crown of Royalty.

The Winners -  Ben Haines of Roads and Maritime Services,  Bhawna Singh of Hillwood,  Jenny Franklin of Fedex,  Juan José Jarillo of Blue Shield of California, Julie Batty of RBS,  Laila Fivian of ABB,  Michelle McGuire of Blue Shield of California,  Oliver Smith of Nationwide Building Society,  Srikanth Satakopan of HP Inc.,  Thodi Andersson of Societe Generale (Paris), and Thomas Bognar of Erste Group Bank

We are so appreciative to the TBM Royals for sharing their skill and thought leadership with the Apptio Community! I was especially honored when I looked over the attendee list and saw that Juan José Jarillo who's known for starting valuable discussions through his community blog stopped in. Thank you, Juan José!

TBM Pursuit 

Developed by Christopher Davidson, the TBM Pursuit challenges Community members to sharpen their TBM and Apptio skills. Many entered but only a few solved these brain teasers.

The Runners Up - each of these folks solved the majority of the TBM Pursuits.  Axel Burkert of Diaxion,  Jenny Franklin of Fedex and  Michelle McGuire of Blue Shield of California each solved 4 of the 6 challenges.

 Suresh Sawlani of Emirates Airlines/Dnata solved 5 of the 6 challenges.

The Winner - Steven Young of HSBC, solved all 6 of the challenges.

The Prize - Steven wins a Trivial Pursuit game and a personalized Community badge.


The Hat Trick Award 

For wide ranging contributions to TBMConnect that consistently drive TBM thought forward.

The Winner -  Francis Chinkhandwe of M&G Prudential

The Prize - Francis wins an orange soccer ball and personalized Community badge.


The Level Up Award

For consistently raising the level of engagement, discourse and fun on Community.

The WinnersKyle Castro of Navy Federal Credit Union, Oliver Smith of Nationwide Building Society and Jairus Green of WDFW

The Prize - Kyle, Oli and Jairus win a Game Stop gift card and personalized Community badge.


The This and That Awards

For combining technical knowledge and humor. 

The Winners - Thodi Andersson of Societe General (Paris) and  Neda Traycoff of Realpage Inc.

The Prize - Thodi wins Dragons Lair swag and a personalized Community badge.

The Prize - Neda wins Wedding Crashers swag and a personalized Community badge.


The Top Cat Award

For blazing the path to TBM Royalty, excellent cost reduction contributions and helping to open up all things TBM to a wider audience.

The Winner - Jenny Franklin of FedEx

The Prize - Jenny wins A "Worlds's Best Cat Mom" throw pillow and a personalized Community badge.


The Secret Squirrel Award

For major and consistently valuable contributions to Community, including being willing to meet with other community members to share ideas.

The WinnerJulie Batty of RBS

The Prize - Julie wins A "Secret Squirrel" coffee travel mug and a personalized Community badge.


The Trailblazer Award

For providing first-in-line foundational knowledge and acting as thought leaders in TBM.

The Winners - Matt Temple  and Richard Coronado of Sony Pictures Entertainment 

The Prize - Matt and Richard win hiking poles and a personalized Community badge.


Important Contributors

For regular and appreciated contributions that enrich community.

The Winners - George McElfresh of USAA,  Sofia Angeles of WellStar Health System,  Clare Smit of Nationwide Building Society Menno Wittebol of rabobank, Claire Finch of Fidelity Investments

The Prize -  Custom Community Badge


What would an Awards show be without games? Wait..are there typically games during awards shows? We think so! Here are the winners from the games we played.

The Challenge Round - Oliver Smith of Nationwide Building Society

Community Member Award Game - Paula Foster of RSA

The Prize -  Oli and Paula win a small gift card (don't get too excited we're on a budget ;-)

That wraps up the awards and game winners.

We look forward to the excitement, energy and expertise each of you bring to Community. 

Our sincerest appreciation for your contributions to our Community and for taking time to attend our Awards. 

Happy TBMing in 2019!

The Education Services Team

Rhonda Keller, Shannon Wallner, Lisa Strube-Kilgore, Lisa BarbourLauren Pagan, Jenny Goodwin, Rebekah Caroway, Debbie Hagen, Paolo Coppa, Alison Pumma, Jesse Sharp


Hello TBM Heroes. 


I'll be straight to the point. Well, pretty close at least.


First, the RTBMA 2019 learning content is now available.


Second, if you are an existing RTBMA 2018 you will need to review the following competencies and resources that comprise the 16 question RTBMA 2019 bridge exam.


Lastly, if you are not yet a RTBMA, you will need to review the following competencies and resources that are now included in the 50 question RTBMA 2019 exam. 


The following are the competencies and TBM Connect resources you'll need to review for the exam.


What to expect on the RTBMA 2018 to RTBMA 2019 bridge exam (you have the RTBMA 2018 and want to obtain the RTBMA 2019):

The exam is a 30 minute, sixteen question exam that will assess your knowledge of the competencies listed above. Existing RTBMAs are already enrolled in the appropriate learning plan for this exam.


What to expect on the RTBMA 2019 exam (you do not have any RTBMA credentials):

The exam is 120 minute, fifty question exam that will assess your knowledge of the competencies listed above and the knowledge you gained while taking the courses in the RTBMA Learning Plan. 


We wish you the best of luck in your TBM knowledge acquisition!

Hello all. Just a quick announcement for your convenience. 

Check out this macro that Jason Lam created. It makes quick work of converting a plain vanilla Data Advisor  download into something easier on the eyes.  

Rhonda Keller and Debbie Hagen join us to discuss the ETBMA Case Study. Curious about the following? Then take a few minutes to listen to their insights.

  • What happens when a case study is submitted?
  • What are the review standards for a case study submission?
  • Why do some case studies stand out to the review board?
  • Are there any tips or tricks that will help me create an outstanding case study?


ETBMA 2018 Case Study 

ETBMA Case Study Grading Rubric 

  •      Are you curious how calculations work in Apptio? 
  •      Are you wondering how you can manage your checkins and checkouts as a team?  
  •      Do you know the best way to organize your data sets when loading them into Apptio?


 If you have these questions and others, you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve collected the most common requests we get for  “I really wish someone would explain how this works…”.  Ryan Oliver has generously provided explanations for those things TBMAs want to understand while using our software.


Copy Forward, Data Freshness and Data Versioning (3 mins.)

Data Set Organization (6 mins.)

Review Project Error Notifications (11 mins.)

"Various": What Should I Do? (5 mins.)

What is Happening During Calculations? (11 mins.)

Working as a Team in Apptio: Check-in & Check-out and Coordinating Who Owns What

Understanding Error Text - Link Only


Data Upload Interface - Link Only


Allocations Summary - Tracking Unallocated Values

Unallocated Report 


Filtering Data in a Column - 1 vs 100 vs 100%

[Closed - Enablement] Increase usability of column filters for numeric values 

First, a little about Apps and Services...


The Applications and Services Module is used to allocate the IT Resource Towers costs into the associated infrastructure and ultimately into the Applications and Services table. The resulting reports can be used to gain insights into the Application and Service Portfolio spend.


Apptio provides visibility into not only the total cost of an application or service but the underlying drivers of that cost; this visibility enables identifying outliers and drilling into the details of application cost.  Insights gained through spend analysis highlight problem areas and improvement opportunities, for which targeted corrective actions can be evaluated, for example:

  • Adjusting service levels to reduce costs of an app or service
  • Improving ROA and avoiding/delaying capital spend by eliminating or re-purposing underutilized assets
  • Right-sizing HW and SW configurations based on cost and performance requirements
  • Evaluating different sourcing options (e.g., on-prem vs. cloud)
  • Directing resources to highest priority applications
  • Delaying planned investments not critical to business

Application costs are calculated on an-going basis, ensuring that TCO figures are up-to-date and reflect current costs and conditions.


That's pretty heady stuff. Before you can do all of that you will need to configure the Apptio model. 


In this course, you upload the necessary data for apps and services, configure your data, map data to master data sets and configure your allocations. The work stream you follow is the recommended step-by-step process that you should implement during a real world Apps and Services configuration. The purpose of this course is to provide you with  hands-on experience so you can contribute, as a customer, partner or Apptio employee, to the varying twists and turns of an actual Apps and Services project.  


Begin the course here:

Partners and Apptio employees (Required):  Employee and Partner: Request Training Environment for "Configuring Cost Transparency Apps and Services in R12".

This course is REQUIRED. Complete this course in the two week time period you have been allotted. You have the base project, "CT Apps and Services Base Project" in your training environment so you may begin at any time.


Apptio Customers (Optional): Customer Request Training Environment for "Configuring Cost Transparency Apps and services in R12"

This course is OPTIONAL. If you wish, you may complete this course in the two week time assigned OR you may come back at anytime in the future. Complete the survey HERE to request a new training environment when you are ready. The base project, "CT Apps and Services Base Project" will then become available to you. 


Length: Varies - estimated between 2 to 4 hours


Format: Backpack - a self-paced class that includes all the resources you need to effectively manage your data in Apptio


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: Configuring and Installing Cost Transparency Foundation R12


Deconstructing a Report in R12 is now available! Jonathan Strauss, Customer Success Adviser, demonstrates a process by which TBMAs can answer the business stakeholder question, "From where does this report value come?" Beginning with the report, Jon shows how to work backwards towards the data, model and allocation strategies to contextualize the origin of numbers that appear on a report. 


In this course, Jonathan will:

  • Explain how to deconstruct a report to determine exactly where the numbers are coming from
  • Show you how to work backwards from the report to identify which data/models/allocations are building it's content
  • Increase your confidence in answering questions about reports in an accurate and defensible way
  • Enable you to build/strengthen stakeholder and end user buy-in and confidence


You will also learn several tips and tricks that will enhance your daily use of Apptio.


THIS RECORDING IS AVAILABLE IN APPTIO U!  Click  HERE to access the recorded session.


Length: 1 hour

Format: Self-paced  

Audience: RTBMA Candidates


26April_TBM-Talk-Icon.pngEpisode 8: Adding Calculated Columns to Reports

(Counting Your Mangoes)


In this episode Michael Moulsdale, helps you perfect your daily mango counting  by adding calculated columns to an Apptio report component. Along the way you'll learn: 


  • How to start creating formulas in a report table
  • How to perform calculations in a table
  • How to convert a calculated column into a perspective
  • How to customize your perspectives
  • Performance considerations when creating calculated coumns


ETBMAs may find this discussion helpful while preparing to take the 2018 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam (R12). 


Play TBM Talk Episode 8 

Music by


Length: 13 minutes


Format: Audio and video Podcast


Audience: ETBMAs


Prerequisites: None

26April_TBM-Talk-Icon.pngEpisode 7: Unpivot and Flatten Hierarchy: From the UK to Ethiopia


In this episode Michael Moulsdale, discusses two transform pipeline steps that will help you alter the structure of your incoming data files. A few simple data sets is all it takes for Michael to demonstrate:


  • Unpivot function in the transform pipeline
  • Flatten Hierarchy in the transform pipeline


ETBMAs may find this discussion helpful while preparing to take the 2018 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam (R12). 


Play TBM Talk Episode 7


Music by


Length: 13 minutes


Format: Audio and video Podcast


Audience: ETBMAs


Prerequisites: None

26April_TBM-Talk-Icon.pngEpisode 6: Keys are the Keys to Apptio


In this episode David Ahn, discusses the use of keys in your Apptio model. In this brief audio only podcast, David talks about the following: 


  • Allocating the right level of granularity is a process that requires planning and analyzing your data
  • What to watch out for when configuring the keys between your sending and receiving objects


We field a lot of questions about the concept of granularity in the model and offer another TBMTalk devoted to the topic of granularity because of the many questions we receive. David's discussion provides additional strategic and technical depth into configuring the granularity of keys that we hope you find useful. 

ETBMAs may find this discussion helpful while preparing to take the 2018 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam (R12). 


Play TBM Talk Episode 6


Music by


Length: 14 minutes


Format: Audio  Podcast


Audience: ETBMAs


Prerequisites: None

26April_TBM-Talk-Icon.pngEpisode 5: Allocation Granularity


In this episode @Michael Moulsdale, discusses granularity in your Apptio model. With a complete willingness to share and simplify all things Apptio, Michael takes time to help you understand:


  • Allocation granularity
  • Difference between one to one and many to one cardinality and how this influences performance
  • Solutions to get your dollars flowing the way you want them to flow


ETBMAs may find this discussion helpful while preparing to take the 2018 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam (R12). 


Play TBM Talk Episode 5


Music by


Length: 18 minutes


Format: Audio and video Podcast


Audience: ETBMAs


Prerequisites: None

26April_TBM-Talk-Icon.pngEpisode 4: SumIf in Apptio


In this episode, David Ahn, discusses the formula function SumIf. David's technical abilities are well respected at Apptio and we are pleased that he took time to share his knowledge about:


  • The primary purpose of SumIf
  • Best practice of  SumIf and LookupEx relationship
  • Specific example of Fixed Assets -  splitting one asset into multiple towers for reporting granularity
  • Validating and documenting your use of SumIf and LookupEx 

ETBMAs may find this discussion helpful while preparing to take the 2018 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam (R12). 

Play TBM Talk Episode 4

Music by


Length: 8 minutes


Format: Audio Podcast


Audience: ETBMAs


Prerequisites: None


Let us know what you think! Add a comment and tell us what other topics you'd like to see featured on TBM Talk.

Reporting 3 in R11 is now delivered to you in a self-paced format. Now you can choose the right time for you to learn how to configure global slicers, dynamic HTML and nested groups.


Your instructor, Debbie Hagen, provides detailed instruction in three sessions. In Session #1 she demonstrates how to insert and configure global slicers. You'll feel confident in how to create this type of report filter that applies across all reports in all projects. Session #2 is a tutorial on how to create dynamic HTML components that will automatically update based on the conditions and triggers you pre-configure. Session 3 prepares you to insert nested groups on your reports that will allow you to control the behavior of specific report components. 


You will also learn several tips and tricks that will enhance your daily use of Apptio.


Length: 1 hour

Format: Self-paced  

Audience: Elite TBMA Candidates

Prerequisites: CTF - Reporting 1 and CTF - Reporting 2


Get your hands dirty. Go ahead, you know you want to. Time to roll up your sleeves and dig into Apptio. In Data, Model and Report Validation in V12 your instructor will help you substantiate report results, model allocations and data authenticity. 


By utilizing a repeatable process, this course will help you locate and remedy some common (but not easy) breaks in your projects. You'll start in reports and work your backwards through the Apptio model and ultimately locate the problem. Be careful, that is not the process! You will have to attend the class in order to learn the steps in between. 


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Review the input of a model and check for missing or incomplete data
  • Review the allocation strategy used to move cost from the source to the target object and locate inconsistencies that prevent correct allocations
  • Verify all relevant fields in a report are correctly populated


You will also learn several tips and tricks that will enhance your daily use of Apptio.


Length: 3 hours


Format: Instructor led webinar






Introduction to Cost Transparency

Reporting Essentials

What this page requires more than anything, in its quest to help you process the valuable information in the Configuring Your Model and Allocations in V12 class, is that rare talent - TBMAs - to start discussions or to share their experiences that work, that grow TBM understanding—big ones, small ones, medium-sized ones, sustainable ones.

We ask you to share the  “A-ha!” moment that solidified your decision to begin the Configuring Your Model class. Or maybe the "A-ha!" moment that occurred while you were taking the class. Maybe even the questions you still have that will lead you to your "A-ha!" moment. 

Your  responses consistently floor us. Never is there a prouder moment than when the student surpasses the teacher. Your stories amaze us, and the number of times this happens on Community is simply overwhelming.

It is the Education Services team's hope that posting your story and reading those of others will leave you inspired. Are you ready?