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Upgrade your RTBMA or ETBMA to 2019

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Jan 14, 2019

Hi TBM Heroes,

Apptio Certifications are annually renewable. This means, each year we evaluate the TBM and product enhancements that have occurred and plan the certification upgrade requirements accordingly. 


Following is an explanation of the requirements for upgrading an RTBMA 2018 title or ETBMA 2018 certification to 2019. You can view the upgrade requirements for previous years on this page: Keeping your RTBMA or ETBMA title current


Note: An AAEP is required for upgrade

The body of work created to prepare individuals to be successful TBMAs along with the examinations that validate knowledge are made possible by and are a benefit exclusively of the AAEP program. An active AAEP is required to upgrade a title or certification.


We have consistently observed that a common characteristic of successful TBMAs is the ability to leverage Community resources, whether it's asking or answering questions, attending webinars, participating in challenges or quests, or following the release notes to learn about new features.  In view of this, the Bridge Paths will be structured to leverage a great deal of Community content and both ETBMAs and RTBMAs are expected to continue to participate on Apptio Community.   This means there will be a Community participation component again this year.  


Upgrading RTBMA 2018 to RTBMA 2019 - Available as of February 5, 2019

There are two steps to upgrading your RTBMA to 2019. 

  1. Review the  Learning Content for RTBMA 2019  
  2. Take a short quiz to demonstrate your knowledge of the required competencies

When you are accepted as a 2019 RTBMA, you can download an updated certificate, a 2019 badge will be added to your profile and you will be added to the 2019 RTBMA Wall of Fame.




Upgrading Certified Elite TBMA 2018 to 2019 | Available late February 2019

In 2019 there are two upgrade options but only one outcome.  Details regarding the required competencies and how to earn them will be posted when the bridge exam is launched. 


You can upgrade from:

  • ETBMA 2018 R11 to ETBMA 2019 
  • ETBMA 2018 R12 to ETBMA 2019


NOTE:  There will not be a path from ETBMA 2018 R11 to ETBMA 2019 R11.  All ETBMA upgrades will be on R12.  


ETBMA 2019 Bridge Competencies: Details will be provided on how and where to obtain the required competencies when the Bridge is published but here is a list for those of you who want to get a head start.

  • I am confident I can upgrade my CT Project to the latest template version
  • I can deconstruct a report
  • I can create useful Model reports
  • I know how to enable my end user access to Model Reports and Model Trace
  • I can use the new Print Layout, Export to PDF
  • I can show the filter context in my drill down reports
  • I can write a self-referencing formula to change the value in a field 
  • I can assess and articulate the impact of an incorrect allocation strategy
  • Based on available data and information, I can determine an optimal cost model configuration. 
  • Given information and data, I can identify the best configuration for my physical servers. 


ETBMAs who wish to upgrade will also complete Continuing Education (CE credits).





For Upgrade details view this post: Keeping your RTBMA or ETBMA title current 


I recently earned my ETBMA  so I haven't finished my CE Credits but I still want to upgrade my title. Can I?

Yes. The CE requirements are designed to be completed over the course of a year. It is necessary to show CE progress equivalent to the amount of time you've been an ETBMA but not necessary to complete the annual requirements in under a year.