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Apptio Value Explorer from my project!

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Dec 26, 2018

Many of you learned about the Apptio Value Explorer in your Creating Reports to Defend your Numbers course.  When the Apptio Value Explorer first came about and we started showing it to you, you could only use the AVE with the Reference Project.  This made it a great tool to get a feel for the available reports and the quetions that could be answered,  but of course, you wanted to be able to use it to look at your own project and drill directly to your own project.  


Well, good news!  Did you know that as of the March 2018 release, if you have the v104 template or later installed, you can access AVE from within your Company projects and drill to the reports with your actual data.  


Here is a link to the release notes where we documented this capability when it was released.

Here's the short version:

Apptio Value Explorer. You no longer have to access the AVE from the separate Data Advisor option under the gear wheel.  You can access it from within your project under the project menu.


Other cool capabilities include:

  • Filter to view all Outcomes, or view the Outcomes and reports for your installed components only. With this setting enabled, if I've not yet built out to Applications, for example, I wouldn't see the outcomes related to the Applications Component. 

  • Ability to add your own outcomes with a link to your own custom reports in Apptio Value Explorer.
  • AVE works with Template v.104 and later (Learn more).

I hope you find this helpful!



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