ITP/ITFMF User Group Webinar

Blog Post created by lpagan@apptio.com Employee on Dec 6, 2018

In October we held a first ITFMF / ITP User Group call. This was attended by several customers and supported by Andrew Edeen and Allen Nieman from Apptio’s product development team who presented ideas on the roadmap, including how it is created and prioritised. Andrew and Allen also fielded questions from customers on specific points on process and usability.


Some of the main themes from the discussion were:

  • Customers want best practices on Forecasting. They find it harder to start and socialize than Budgeting.
  • Customers want to know more detail about what is being changed by users in the tool.
  • Customers want help rolling out and socializing ITP within their organizations. More prescriptive materials.
  • Customers want to know what is on the roadmap.


Whilst we continue to discuss these ideas we have set-up the next ITP/ITFMF User Group (Jan 23) call which is planned for Wednesday 23rd January at 16:00 GMT/11am EST/8am PST. For this next call we will again present the roadmap with news of new themes being developed for Q1 2019. However we would also like to invite suggestions for any additional topics you would like to discuss. Some common areas may be Labor planning, Contract planning, CT / ITP Integration, Multi-currency etc. Please use this Smartsheet form to pick the top topics you would like to discuss: Click Here


If you are not already, be sure to follow the ITP/ITFMF User Group by selecting Follow at the top of the user group page.