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Many of you learned about the Apptio Value Explorer in your Creating Reports to Defend your Numbers course.  When the Apptio Value Explorer first came about and we started showing it to you, you could only use the AVE with the Reference Project.  This made it a great tool to get a feel for the available reports and the quetions that could be answered,  but of course, you wanted to be able to use it to look at your own project and drill directly to your own project.  


Well, good news!  Did you know that as of the March 2018 release, if you have the v104 template or later installed, you can access AVE from within your Company projects and drill to the reports with your actual data.  


Here is a link to the release notes where we documented this capability when it was released.

Here's the short version:

Apptio Value Explorer. You no longer have to access the AVE from the separate Data Advisor option under the gear wheel.  You can access it from within your project under the project menu.


Other cool capabilities include:

  • Filter to view all Outcomes, or view the Outcomes and reports for your installed components only. With this setting enabled, if I've not yet built out to Applications, for example, I wouldn't see the outcomes related to the Applications Component. 

  • Ability to add your own outcomes with a link to your own custom reports in Apptio Value Explorer.
  • AVE works with Template v.104 and later (Learn more).

I hope you find this helpful!



Clifford Bird; Jenny Goodwin Paolo Coppa

Want to know what Rhonda Keller and I are so jazzed about???       



Mark your calendars, the first ever Community Awards is coming to you Wednesday February 13th (8:00am - 9:00am PST / 11:00am - 12:00pm EST / 4:00pm - 5:00pm GMT).


You will not want to miss this highlight of Community and it’s members from the past year and kick off for the new year.


One of Apptio’s core values is creating wildly successful customers. We are continuously amazed at how our customers take on this core value to help their fellow Apptio customers become wildly successful. Whether you help to answer questions, create useful content or tag someone in a post that they might find useful or interesting, you are helping us create wildly successful customers. Our Apptio Community would not be the resource that it is today without YOU.


Did you have the most creative blog posts in 2018? Did you answer the most questions? Or were you the most encouraging Community member? Join us on February 13th to find out! We look forward to “seeing” you there.


Be on the lookout for the event posted on Community soon.

Hi folks,

I just wanted to share a function we learned about in the Advanced webinar series.  This one may come in handy if you have a list of values in a column and you need to evaluate that column and either leave or replace the values.


It's the "this column" reference. It's a way to refer to the column you are already in (a self-reference if you will).. in order to evaluate the existing value before replacing it with a different value.


Here is an example- Suppose I have a column in my dataset that contains values of N/A and numbers. I could put the following formula in that column in the dataset:=IF({$_}="N/A","",{$_})


What this formula means is  "check the value of the cell I'm in, if it has an N/A, then leave it blank, but if it has a number (or anything but N/A) then just leave the existing value in there.  It's primarily used if you are versioning a transform, since you are replacing values in cell with different values.

In October we held a first ITFMF / ITP User Group call. This was attended by several customers and supported by Andrew Edeen and Allen Nieman from Apptio’s product development team who presented ideas on the roadmap, including how it is created and prioritised. Andrew and Allen also fielded questions from customers on specific points on process and usability.


Some of the main themes from the discussion were:

  • Customers want best practices on Forecasting. They find it harder to start and socialize than Budgeting.
  • Customers want to know more detail about what is being changed by users in the tool.
  • Customers want help rolling out and socializing ITP within their organizations. More prescriptive materials.
  • Customers want to know what is on the roadmap.


Whilst we continue to discuss these ideas we have set-up the next ITP/ITFMF User Group (Jan 23) call which is planned for Wednesday 23rd January at 16:00 GMT/11am EST/8am PST. For this next call we will again present the roadmap with news of new themes being developed for Q1 2019. However we would also like to invite suggestions for any additional topics you would like to discuss. Some common areas may be Labor planning, Contract planning, CT / ITP Integration, Multi-currency etc. Please use this Smartsheet form to pick the top topics you would like to discuss: Click Here


If you are not already, be sure to follow the ITP/ITFMF User Group by selecting Follow at the top of the user group page.