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Don't Wait!  It's not too late to earn your RTBMA in 2018!

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Oct 9, 2018


How great would this logo look next to your name?!!!!


Maybe it was  the beginning of the year, maybe you just started your TBM Journey, but I'll bet many of you set out to earn your RTBMA before the end of this year.  Well, if you haven't finished the courses yet, there is still plenty of time to get your name on the Wall of Fame - RTBMA18  Don't wait until the last minute.


Think what a great achievement that would be to add to your 2018 performance review!  Plus you'll be able to add the logo to your TBM Connect and  Linkedin profiles.  And that's just the fame part of completing the RTBMA requirements you'll be learning so much about how to manage your Apptio solutions!  


Here is some advice I've given my students or seen them give to others once they've earned their RTBMA!


For those of you who have finished the courses but are test shy:

  • Review this document on how to become an RTBMA 2018 Become an Apptio Recognized TBMA . Scroll down to the "what is the exam like section".
  • Review the self-paced courses, if it's been a while since you've taken them. There are some questions around TBM, Hallmarks of Success, etc. 
  • ***(new item)*** We've added the Sample Exam as an optional part of your Learning Plan 
  • Just give it a try.  No one but you will know if you don't pass on the first try and you'll know what to study for so you can take it again.  And who knows, you just might pass on the first try!
  • It's about 50 multiple choice questions, you won't have to write formulas or troubleshoot.  We're not trying to trick you.  If you've paid attention in class and done the class work, you should be able to pass this exam.
  • You'll have 2 hours to answer all the questions.  I recommend going through and answering them all quickly, flagging the ones you aren't sure of for follow up.

For those of you who need to complete your 1500 points requirements on Apptio Community:

And finally for those of you who are waiting to complete some Instructor Led classes before you can earn your RTBMA:

  • Here is a link to where you can see all scheduled classes in your timezone
  • If you don't see your class on the schedule, email to let us know what classes you are missing and let us know your timezone.  We will do our best to get these courses on the schedule to help you complete the necessary courses for your RTBMA.


Don't wait!  Get RTBMA Certified Now!