New Course - Deconstructing a Report in R12

Blog Post created by JSharp@apptio.com Employee on May 14, 2018

Deconstructing a Report in R12 is now available! Jonathan Strauss, Customer Success Adviser, demonstrates a process by which TBMAs can answer the business stakeholder question, "From where does this report value come?" Beginning with the report, Jon shows how to work backwards towards the data, model and allocation strategies to contextualize the origin of numbers that appear on a report. 


In this course, Jonathan will:

  • Explain how to deconstruct a report to determine exactly where the numbers are coming from
  • Show you how to work backwards from the report to identify which data/models/allocations are building it's content
  • Increase your confidence in answering questions about reports in an accurate and defensible way
  • Enable you to build/strengthen stakeholder and end user buy-in and confidence


You will also learn several tips and tricks that will enhance your daily use of Apptio.


THIS RECORDING IS AVAILABLE IN APPTIO U!  Click  HERE to access the recorded session.


Length: 1 hour

Format: Self-paced  

Audience: RTBMA Candidates