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Everyone!  The Superhero's have been sent off and those of you who are getting one will receive it shortly!  Please post a pic when they arrive Jillian Ferguson Ben Burkett Matthew Rosenbluth Martyn Dawes Keith Edwards David Battaglia Juliet Orgain Gordana Moore Peggy Cantu Juan José Jarillo Trae Baker

First, a little about Apps and Services...


The Applications and Services Module is used to allocate the IT Resource Towers costs into the associated infrastructure and ultimately into the Applications and Services table. The resulting reports can be used to gain insights into the Application and Service Portfolio spend.


Apptio provides visibility into not only the total cost of an application or service but the underlying drivers of that cost; this visibility enables identifying outliers and drilling into the details of application cost.  Insights gained through spend analysis highlight problem areas and improvement opportunities, for which targeted corrective actions can be evaluated, for example:

  • Adjusting service levels to reduce costs of an app or service
  • Improving ROA and avoiding/delaying capital spend by eliminating or re-purposing underutilized assets
  • Right-sizing HW and SW configurations based on cost and performance requirements
  • Evaluating different sourcing options (e.g., on-prem vs. cloud)
  • Directing resources to highest priority applications
  • Delaying planned investments not critical to business

Application costs are calculated on an-going basis, ensuring that TCO figures are up-to-date and reflect current costs and conditions.


That's pretty heady stuff. Before you can do all of that you will need to configure the Apptio model. 


In this course, you upload the necessary data for apps and services, configure your data, map data to master data sets and configure your allocations. The work stream you follow is the recommended step-by-step process that you should implement during a real world Apps and Services configuration. The purpose of this course is to provide you with  hands-on experience so you can contribute, as a customer, partner or Apptio employee, to the varying twists and turns of an actual Apps and Services project.  


Begin the course here:

Partners and Apptio employees (Required):  Employee and Partner: Request Training Environment for "Configuring Cost Transparency Apps and Services in R12".

This course is REQUIRED. Complete this course in the two week time period you have been allotted. You have the base project, "CT Apps and Services Base Project" in your training environment so you may begin at any time.


Apptio Customers (Optional): Customer Request Training Environment for "Configuring Cost Transparency Apps and services in R12"

This course is OPTIONAL. If you wish, you may complete this course in the two week time assigned OR you may come back at anytime in the future. Complete the survey HERE to request a new training environment when you are ready. The base project, "CT Apps and Services Base Project" will then become available to you. 


Length: Varies - estimated between 2 to 4 hours


Format: Backpack - a self-paced class that includes all the resources you need to effectively manage your data in Apptio


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: Configuring and Installing Cost Transparency Foundation R12


Deconstructing a Report in R12 is now available! Jonathan Strauss, Customer Success Adviser, demonstrates a process by which TBMAs can answer the business stakeholder question, "From where does this report value come?" Beginning with the report, Jon shows how to work backwards towards the data, model and allocation strategies to contextualize the origin of numbers that appear on a report. 


In this course, Jonathan will:

  • Explain how to deconstruct a report to determine exactly where the numbers are coming from
  • Show you how to work backwards from the report to identify which data/models/allocations are building it's content
  • Increase your confidence in answering questions about reports in an accurate and defensible way
  • Enable you to build/strengthen stakeholder and end user buy-in and confidence


You will also learn several tips and tricks that will enhance your daily use of Apptio.


THIS RECORDING IS AVAILABLE IN APPTIO U!  Click  HERE to access the recorded session.


Length: 1 hour

Format: Self-paced  

Audience: RTBMA Candidates