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Cost Transparency Foundation is one of Apptio's most popular products for a reason - it's a powerful application that allows businesses to identify and communicate true IT spend and value. Though it certainly can seem like a complicated thing to learn, we got you covered. 


In this new course we ease you into the application with multimedia learning materials, clear & guided instructions in building your first project, and instructor help along the way. 


Installing and Configuring Cost Transparency Foundation R12 - formerly known as Data Management R12 - contains all the newest instructional videos, supplemental materials, instructor help through Lab Assists, but most importantly - a new, easy to follow, step by step guide that walks you through the whole process from opening the application for the first time to completing your first allocations up to the IT Resource Towers infrastructure layer. All in about 10 hours of your time. 


The Installing and Configuring Cost Transparency Foundation R12 course is laid out in an easy to view format, which makes navigating the course a simple task.

Already an experienced R12 user and just want to review some of the material? Easy.

Completely new to CT and having to go back to watch a video while working on your project? No problem.


View the course here: Installing and Configuring Cost Transparency Foundation R12


Length: Viewing the instructional materials and completing the hands on activity takes about 10 hours. 


Format: What we call a backpack - a self-paced course with instructional materials, student guide for completing an introductory project in Cost Transparency, and many more additional resources to help along the way. 


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites:  Introduction to Cost Transparency R12 course

26April_TBM-Talk-Icon.pngEpisode 8: Adding Calculated Columns to Reports

(Counting Your Mangoes)


In this episode Michael Moulsdale, helps you perfect your daily mango counting  by adding calculated columns to an Apptio report component. Along the way you'll learn: 


  • How to start creating formulas in a report table
  • How to perform calculations in a table
  • How to convert a calculated column into a perspective
  • How to customize your perspectives
  • Performance considerations when creating calculated coumns


ETBMAs may find this discussion helpful while preparing to take the 2018 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam (R12). 


Play TBM Talk Episode 8 

Music by


Length: 13 minutes


Format: Audio and video Podcast


Audience: ETBMAs


Prerequisites: None