TBM Talk Episode 6: Keys are the Keys to Apptio

Blog Post created by JSharp@apptio.com Employee on Mar 27, 2018

26April_TBM-Talk-Icon.pngEpisode 6: Keys are the Keys to Apptio


In this episode David Ahn, discusses the use of keys in your Apptio model. In this brief audio only podcast, David talks about the following: 


  • Allocating the right level of granularity is a process that requires planning and analyzing your data
  • What to watch out for when configuring the keys between your sending and receiving objects


We field a lot of questions about the concept of granularity in the model and offer another TBMTalk devoted to the topic of granularity because of the many questions we receive. David's discussion provides additional strategic and technical depth into configuring the granularity of keys that we hope you find useful. 

ETBMAs may find this discussion helpful while preparing to take the 2018 Advanced Scenario Hands-on Exam (R12). 


Play TBM Talk Episode 6


Music by http://www.bensound.com


Length: 14 minutes


Format: Audio  Podcast


Audience: ETBMAs


Prerequisites: None