Debbie Hagen

How YOU Inspire Apptio U!

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Feb 28, 2018


 Our Apptio Users inspire us every day… we’re constantly amazed at how you solve problems, help your users and peers. We also love how you come up with great ways to communicate the value of Apptio and TBM.

Jairus Green, one of our Elite TBMAs is a great example of how TBMAs inspire our team. 


Meet TBM Framework Dude….


 Jairus designed TBM Framework Dude as a mnemonic to help him remember how to describe the TBM Framework to his users.  We loved TBM Framework Dude so much, we invited Jairus to join us for an outing to the Lego store to build our own Framework Dude.

Check out the video of our TBM Framework Dude challenge.  Keep an eye on Community… you’ll be seeing more of him.