New Course - Reporting 3 in R11

Blog Post created by JSharp@apptio.com Employee on Jan 18, 2018

Reporting 3 in R11 is now delivered to you in a self-paced format. Now you can choose the right time for you to learn how to configure global slicers, dynamic HTML and nested groups.


Your instructor, Debbie Hagen, provides detailed instruction in three sessions. In Session #1 she demonstrates how to insert and configure global slicers. You'll feel confident in how to create this type of report filter that applies across all reports in all projects. Session #2 is a tutorial on how to create dynamic HTML components that will automatically update based on the conditions and triggers you pre-configure. Session 3 prepares you to insert nested groups on your reports that will allow you to control the behavior of specific report components. 


You will also learn several tips and tricks that will enhance your daily use of Apptio.


Length: 1 hour

Format: Self-paced  

Audience: Elite TBMA Candidates

Prerequisites: CTF - Reporting 1 and CTF - Reporting 2