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Are you the expert in TBM Studio R11 today and wondering how those skills will transfer to R12? Check out a course designed just for you! We are pleased to bring you R12 for R11 Experts, a self-paced learning experience to prepare you for your transition to Apptio R12!  


Start on your path to become a R12 expert, learn what is new and different in R12, watch an informative webinar, and assess your R12 skills. 


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the new capabilities of Data Studio, Model Studio, and Report Studio 
  • Recognize and utilize the new features of TBM Studio
  • Confirm your knowledge and understanding of Apptio TBM Studio



Watch the welcome video to learn how to navigate the course!


Length: 2 hours


Format: Self-paced


Prerequisite: none




Special thanks to Libby Christensen for her guidance and contribution to the development of this course.  

Reporting 3 in R11 is now delivered to you in a self-paced format. Now you can choose the right time for you to learn how to configure global slicers, dynamic HTML and nested groups.


Your instructor, Debbie Hagen, provides detailed instruction in three sessions. In Session #1 she demonstrates how to insert and configure global slicers. You'll feel confident in how to create this type of report filter that applies across all reports in all projects. Session #2 is a tutorial on how to create dynamic HTML components that will automatically update based on the conditions and triggers you pre-configure. Session 3 prepares you to insert nested groups on your reports that will allow you to control the behavior of specific report components. 


You will also learn several tips and tricks that will enhance your daily use of Apptio.


Length: 1 hour

Format: Self-paced  

Audience: Elite TBMA Candidates

Prerequisites: CTF - Reporting 1 and CTF - Reporting 2


Hello future ETBMAs,

Just wanted to let everyone know that there is an R11 Troubleshooting course on the schedule next Monday and Tuesday (Jan 21,22) from 11am to 1pm PST.  If you've been waiting to take this course, now is a good opportunity.  There is plenty of space in the class. 


Just go to Apptiou to register.