New Course - Reporting Essentials

Blog Post created by RCaroway@apptio.com Employee on Oct 24, 2017


Ready to start creating reports?  In Reporting Essentials you will learn how to build reports in TBM Studio by creating a storage cost report for a fictitious IT Finance Manager. 


This course will help you plan your reports by identifying your target audience, understanding the type of report you want to create and the value it will add, and focusing on metrics that matter. You will learn how to lay out your report and the best practices of data presentation.


By completing the course you will be able to create reports with the following technical features:

  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Sparklines
  • Filters
  • Slicers
  • Column pickers
  • Quick pivots
  • Group boxes
  • HTML headers
  • Tabs
  • KPIs (with directional arrow)
  • Overlay charts
  • Drill to (Pop outs)
  • Master Reports


You'll also learn to change the colors displayed in a chart, use project-wide vs component-specific colors, and add reports to existing report collections. 


Length: 1.5 hours


Format: Self-Paced

• Reporting analysts with permission to create reports



Special thanks to Debbie Hagen for her contribution to the development of this course.