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Ready to start creating reports?  In Creating Reports to Defend Your Numbers, you will learn how to locate and build reports in TBM Report Studio.


This course is all about using Apptio to respond to requests that you, the TBMA, might get from your company stakeholders. First, you’ll learn how to use the AVE (Apptio Value Explorer) to find answers in Apptio’s standard report collections.  Next, you will use the skills learned in Reporting Essentials to build custom reports that address specific questions from your IT leaders.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Explore the Apptio Value Explorer to locate a report that answers a stakeholders request
  • Gather necessary information to build a custom report
  • Use TBM Report Studio tools and features to build a custom report


Length: 3 hours


Format: Instructor Led


Prerequisite: Reporting Essentials 


• Reporting analysts with permission to create reports



Special thanks to Maha Ramachandran and Debbie Hagen and for their contribution to the development of this course.  



Reporting Essentials has been updated to 12.6.


Ready to start creating reports?  In Reporting Essentials you will learn how to build reports in TBM Studio by creating a storage cost report for a fictitious IT Finance Manager. 


This course will help you plan your reports by identifying your target audience, understanding the type of report you want to create and the value it will add, and focusing on metrics that matter. You will learn how to lay out your report and the best practices of data presentation.


By completing the course you will be able to create reports with the following technical features:

  • Tables
  • Charts
  • Sparklines
  • Filters
  • Slicers
  • Column pickers
  • Quick pivots
  • Group boxes
  • HTML headers
  • Tabs
  • KPIs (with directional arrow)
  • Overlay charts
  • Drill to (Pop outs)
  • Master Reports


You'll also learn to change the colors displayed in a chart, use project-wide vs component-specific colors, and add reports to existing report collections. 


Length: 1.5 hours


Format: Self-Paced

• Reporting analysts with permission to create reports



Special thanks to Debbie Hagen for her contribution to the development of this course.  

I'm pleased to announce the release of the Advanced Data Management in TBM Studio R12 course in Apptio University.


Join guest instructors Christopher Davidson and Micah Boomer as they share their experience and best practices around managing data in Apptio. In this course, you'll explore:

  • Database relationships
  • Advanced data transformation
  • Documenting data sets
  • Data versioning
  • Hybrid tables
  • Ways to improve your data cleanliness


Length: 1 Hour


Format: Self-paced 


Prerequisites: Introduction to Cost Transparency R12 suggested


Recognition Title: This course fulfills a requirement for the Elite TBMA R11 2018 (ETBMA) certification

And now for some v12 magic.

In v12 you can click on a column name in the Formulas area and it highlights the respective column in your table... 

You can also click in the Column header, and it highlights the column and formula up at the top in your formulas bar.  I wished and wished for this relationship in R11.  It makes my life so much easier in v12.



Well done engineering!

Here is a link to a trick you can use if you are using R11  or in any other table view in v12. Use your browser find option to highlight the values you are looking for. 

Hello TBM Heroes!

I've been using a great trick lately that someone showed me ages ago and darn if I didn't forget about it. I've recently rediscovered it.  Did you know you can use CTRL+F when you are in Apptio to help find the columns or values you are searching for instead of scrolling back and forth through a screen full of columns?


Just do this.  When you are in Apptio (this works for R11 and v12), just use Ctrl+F to bring up the Find search bar. Depending on your browser it may be near the top or the bottom of your screen.  Enter the value you want to find in the Find bar and it's highlighted through your formulas and your table.






Also, here is a link to a cool trick I've been using when troubleshooting or validating my formulas and tables in v12.

v12 linkage between Columns in Transform Pipeline and in Data Tables