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Do you know this guy?  


There’s a chance you’ve already spotted him. This TBM Superhero gets around. He sits next to monitors. I've seen him on a Christmas tree, riding down the highway in St. Louis and there’s definitely at least one picture of him at CrossFit. Essentially wherever a Recognized TBMA is using his or her skills to improve IT costing, billing or planning, this little TBM mascot can be found, just in the wings, being strong and encouraging.



He’s the perfect listener. He doesn’t judge, He lets you mumble about the model and squeeze him over allocations, while constantly holding that little smirk because he knows you’re brilliant and you’re going to figure it out. TBM Hero already stands quietly on the desk of select RTBMAs all over the world and if you pass the exam by the end of September, he’ll stand next to you too.  


We know you might want this guy even more than the title, it’s okay.  


What's that you say?  You have already earned the RTBMA title but you don't have a TBM Superhero Guy mascot yet?We can take care that!  Just post your name in a comment below by end of September then go make sure your mailing address in your Community profile* is correct and we'll hook you up! 


*addresses in your profile are only visible to Community admins and we won't share it, we promise!




Thanks to TBM Superhero Guy co-author Rhonda Keller.

Are you just getting started with Cost Transparency and are responsible for the day-to-day administration?  The CT Administration course introduces TBMAs to the administrative functions necessary to sustain Apptio environments.


Modules in this course include:

  • Intro to Apptio Studio
  • Intro to Time


You will also view tutorials on how to:

  • Lock and promote projects
  • Check in and check out documents
  • Create branches
  • Enable time


Length: 1.5 hours


Format: Self-Paced


Audience: TBMAs 


Special thanks to Jonathan Strauss, Phaderika Evans, and Kelly de Bartok for their help in creating the tutorials in this course. 

What this page requires more than anything, in its quest to help you process the valuable information in the Configuring Your Model and Allocations in V12 class, is that rare talent - TBMAs - to start discussions or to share their experiences that work, that grow TBM understanding—big ones, small ones, medium-sized ones, sustainable ones.

We ask you to share the  “A-ha!” moment that solidified your decision to begin the Configuring Your Model class. Or maybe the "A-ha!" moment that occurred while you were taking the class. Maybe even the questions you still have that will lead you to your "A-ha!" moment. 

Your  responses consistently floor us. Never is there a prouder moment than when the student surpasses the teacher. Your stories amaze us, and the number of times this happens on Community is simply overwhelming.

It is the Education Services team's hope that posting your story and reading those of others will leave you inspired. Are you ready?