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How can I get a report of all my data sets and details?

Blog Post created by Debbie Hagen Employee on Jul 5, 2017

Note:  In the comments below this blogpost we've added the steps for getting similar information from an Apptio v12 project. 

In class I'm often asked whether there is a report I can extract that will show me all the data sets I've loaded as well as additional details about those data sets, such as what category I've placed them in, and what data source that data came from.  In this blog post I'll show you how you can extract a report that you can use to document both the data you've loaded, and the specific details in which you're interested.


The Overview tab contains lots of useful information about the data sets that you have loaded, such as the name of the data set, when it was created and updated, the Source System, and Category... unfortunately, when you view it in the overview tab, you're only seeing it for one data set at a time. Suppose you'd like to extract all this data for every data set in your project...



To do this, start in the Data Pane on the left side of your Data Tab in Apptio and right-click on any of the column headers and from the shortcut menu choose Show/Hide Columns...



In the Show/Hide Columns dialog box... choose the columns you'd like to extract. They will be temporarily added to the Data Pane.



Next, right-click in the data pane and choose Open In Excel from the shortcut menu, and Export to Excel. This will either download an excel file or launch excel depending on your settings. 

The Excel file contains all the column data for all of the data sets in your project, including system generated data set and transforms.



There you have it.   Documentation on all of the data sets contained in your project.  Thanks for learning with Apptio U.


Debbie Hagen