New Course - Configure Your Model and Allocations in R12

Blog Post created by JSharp@apptio.com Employee on Jun 30, 2017

Modeling and Allocations. If data is the gasoline that runs the Apptio engine then the model and allocations ARE the engine. Without an engine, your car, obviously, would not move. You'd have a huge paperweight. The same with your Apptio model and allocations. Without them you'd be stuck simply staring at your data while it collects dust. 


Configure Your Model and Allocation in v12 allows you to view as much or as little of the materials as you wish.

Need a short primer on how to access the powerful modeling capabilites in V12? Yes, you can do that.

Want to learn how to use the model reports to trace values through your model?? Yes, you can do that too.

Are your modeling skills not as strong as you want? We've got you covered. 


Configure Your Model and Allocations in v12 is a Backpack course. Remember that backpack from college? How chock-full it was? The same with this Backpack.  We have gathered as many resources as we could and curated them in one location. We want you to have easy access to everything model and allocation related. We have combed through Community. We have cross-referenced Apptio University. For your convenience, we have unearthed ALL relevant  resources and stored them in one place. No more searching. Just a few clicks to your answer.


Go ahead, start the engine. Maybe you want to start off slowly. Maybe you want to floor it. The choice is yours. You have the tools necessary to keep your engine running at peak power and efficiency.


View the course here: Configure Your Model and Allocations in v12 


Length: If you view and complete ALL materials - about 8 hours. If you choose to view only small chunks - you can spend only 2 minutes. It's up to you.


Format: Backpack - a self-paced class that includes all the resources you need to configure and maintain your Apptio model and allocations


Audience: TBMAs


Prerequisites: None