Reporting Part 1 Bonus Topic - Apply an Existing Master Report

Blog Post created by JGoodwin@apptio.com Employee on May 8, 2017

In Reporting Part 2, we will teach you how to create your own Master Report.  This is both VERY cool and helpful but what if you just want your new report to look like it "belongs" to a current "out-of-the-box" collection?  You can do that too!  You just need to know how to apply a master report and what they are called.  


To Apply an Existing Master Report

Begin in the report and in Edit mode

  1. Click Author
  2. Click Master
  3. Click the Master Report you would like to apply.


NOTE: All Cost Transparency Master Reports begin with SC in their name (this stands for Service Costing) followed by the name of the collection.



To Remove a Master Report

Follow the above steps but Apply "None" which appears at the bottom of the list of options.


Add a Report to a Collection

Now your reports will look like the belong to that collection!  If you're wondering how to get your report to show up in that existing collection, then come to Reporting Part 1 class! ;-)


Really, if you don't know, it is in the Reporting Part 1 course but I'll tell you here too... click Author, then Collections, then the name of the collection to which you would like it to be added. BAM!  There you go.


:-) Let me know if you have questions!