Reporting Part 2 Bonus Topic: GetLastFilterValue

Blog Post created by JGoodwin@apptio.com Employee on May 2, 2017

I know, "GetsLastFilterValue" may not sound exciting but I'm going to tell you why it IS!


When reading a report, don't you just love having the ability to drill into the details of a value in a table.  You know, like when you noticed that your Texas Data Center is over budget and so you click Beaumont,Texas to see the Cost Pool breakdown report filtered by that data center location.  There you can see that External Labor is over budget so you drill in deeper to see why... BINGO!  It's because of blah, blah, blah.  LOVE.THIS.STUFF.


Ok, call me a geek - you know you love it too.  Anything that can help you figure out what's going on with your spending. So what if in the header of the report it also told you what you had drilled into?  That way, when the phone rings or someone walks into your office and then 15 minutes and 3 topics later, you're back to looking at your report wondering to yourself, "Okay, now what was doing?"  With "<getslastfiltervalue>" you can see!  Right there at the top of the report, "Oh yeah!  I was looking at Beaumont, Texas, External Labor account details... look at me figuring out to the detail why we're over budget.  I'm so smart."  ;-)  (positive self talk is good people!)


So here's the deal.  In our Reporting Part 2 course, we build 3 reports and create drills from a table in the 1st report which filters the 2nd report and you can then drill deeper from the 2nd report into the 3rd report.  We teach how to add dynamic information in the HTML title to display the value the report viewer JUST drilled into.  The thing is that this technique does not work (in the same HTML component) to put the 1st drilled value (location) on the 3rd report.  SOOOO, some of my students and I were left with the question "How to do we show not only what Cost Pool has been drilled into but also the Location?"  


The answer?   <%=getlastfiltervalue(dataset name.column name)%>


Click the image below to see in detail what I'm talking about.  If you have questions, let me know here!

If you're wondering how to get Cost Pool on that 3rd report... come to class! ;-)