New Courses!  Bill of IT – Showback & Chargeback Series

Blog Post created by APumma@apptio.com Employee on Apr 24, 2017

Apptio University is excited announce the release of the Bill of IT – Showback and Chargeback series of courses. These courses teach TBMAs, and other roles who touch the Bill of IT process, the basics and benefits of Bill of IT, the differences between a showback and chargeback process, the Bill of IT types, and the roles involved in the Bill of IT process. Through graphic, interactive slides, participants are guided through these self-paced courses, where they determine which roles and parts of the road to Bill of IT they want to explore.

I’m Alison Pumma, Apptio Education Services Sr. Instructional Designer, and I had the pleasure of working with our Sr Director, Product Marketing, Patchen Noelke, Director, Product Management, Robert Booher, and Application Engineer, Jared Howell during the development of these courses. Together, we have created a series of interactive and engaging courses that are designed to improve your Bill of IT knowledge, build awareness of how roles in your organization interact, and familiarize you with Bill of IT reports and functionality.


To find the Bill of IT Learning Plan, go to Learning Plans, and then click Bill of IT for TBMAs or Bill of IT for Users.


Length: 2 hours total length (one 16 min Introduction, thirteen 7-10 min role-based courses)


Format: Self-paced


Audience: Roles involved in the Bill of IT process (TBMAs, IT Finance, Business Relationship Managers, Business Consumers, Corporate Finance, Service & Product Owners, Executives)


Prerequisites: None