Apptio University: Course Schedule by Time Zone

Blog Post created by lpagan@apptio.com Employee on Mar 17, 2017

Are you an Apptian wanting to know the instructor-led course schedule or a customer wanting an easy place to view the schedule in your time zone?  We have a solution!  


When new sessions are added to the course schedule we will update the following course schedules: PDT course scheduleEDT course scheduleGMT course schedule and AEDT course schedule.  The recently added sessions will be orange.


You will continue to enroll in sessions in Apptio University and are also able to view the sessions in your time zone there if you have changed your time zone.  Please view step 2 in our FAQ if you have not changed your time zone in Apptio University.


If you would like to receive updates for when the course schedule is updated please follow the instructions below.


            1. Select one of the links above, for example EDT course schedule.

            2. At the top of the document select actions.

            3. Check the box next to following to follow and then inbox to receive a notification when the document is                              updated.




Please note - if you are placed on a wait list and would like to switch to a different session please email university@apptio.com and we will assist.