New Course:  CTF R11 to R12 Transition Short Course

Blog Post created by JGoodwin@apptio.com Employee on Mar 10, 2017

This course has been converted to self-paced learning which includes a recording of this course. RECORDING


Are you an experienced TBMA that is in the process of upgrading to TBM Studio R12 or planning to upgrade in the near future?   Do you wish you could be given an overview of the new environment and then just get your hands on it?!  If yes, then this class was created for YOU!


This is a short course designed for experienced TBMAs to gain an overview and some hands on practice in the R12 environment.  We will highlight for you some of the key differences between R11 and R12  and you will be given access to a R12 instance and sample data to practice both during and outside of class, if you choose.  


After completing this course you will know how to accomplish the following tasks in the new TBM Studio R12:

  • Access and navigate between the dev, stage and prod environments 
  • Use the new check in/check out feature
  • Navigate the R12 interface
  • Manage data in the tables section
  • Add columns and formulas to your tables
  • Manage time settings in your project and Data tables
  • Access drivers and allocations via the new Sankey model
  • View Reports


Length: 2.5 hours (1 day)


Format: Virtual Instructor Led


Audience: Experienced TBMAs Converting from R11 to R12


Prerequisites: To have already mastered the above listed tasks in the R11 environment.  


This class moves quickly through basic tasks in the R12 environment.  If you are an AAEP holder and would prefer a slower paced session, you are welcome to attend the 3-day virtual CTF on TBM Studio R12 course available on the Apptio U course calendar.


This class is not intended for brand new customers implementing on R12.  New R12 Apptio customers, please attend the 3-day virtual CTF on TBM Studio R12 course available on the Apptio U course calendar as shown in the RTBMA learning plan.


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